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Is the third list out? If not when will it come??


Any chance of converting HR at WL 114?

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Post July 1st itseems

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Yeah I think it will come after all IIMs admissions are done and there session starts.

WL 600 in PGP . Any chances of conversion?
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Hi guys, we hope you are excited to start the MBA journey.

Congratulations on making it to Post Graduate Programme at MDI Gurgaon! To get added to the Official MDI Gurgaon WhatsApp group, please fill google form:


I have filled the google form to get added to the whatsapp group but haven’t been added yet. Please look into it.

The google form floated are for the final converts. Kindly give us some time to verify and sort those. Once done we will add you to the groups.

Hello Guys,

Kindly change your whatsapp group settings as shown below so that you can be added to the final converts group.
Thank you!

Whatsapp → Settings → Account → Privacy → Groups → Select Everyone

When does the session start for those who’ve converted?

@DEBLEENA_GHOSH when would third list for PGDM core be out?