[OFFICIAL] MDI GDPIWAT Call Getters 2018-20

Please post all your queries related to the GDPIWAT round of MDI Gurgaon in this thread

Date clashing with IIM CAP on 15th feb. Drop mail for date change to

  • MDI

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Is there any possibility of changing the interview date?

In class 12th i have 6 subjects on my marksheet. but i've entered marks of only 5 as the 6th one was commercial art which was optional due to wich my percentage became 90 from 90.8, would this be a problem?

Till what date are we having GDPIWAT round, I am travelling till 23 Feb, can I have my interview scheduled after that

what is the last date to fill and submit the form?

Ye 6th paper k marks inhone add nhi Kiya ya main hi daalna bhul Gaya? 10th and 12th me. 

  • Add nhi kiya
  • Tu hi Bhul gaya
  • Pata nhi Kya scene hai

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Any last date to fill the form?

Congratulations to all those who got shortlisted for the next round of MDI Gurgaon's 2018-20 admissions. All GDPIWAT round call getters may join this Facebook page to post all your queries related to the next round: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1159047977530900/admin_activities/?notif_id=1517488405776143&notif_t=group_admin&ref=notif

All the best for the GDPIWAT round! -  Team Adcom 

Is it possible to change Interview City ? Initially I was in Chennai but I got a transfer to Pune...Can I choose Mumbai as centre ? Also interview dates are clashing with other colleges..

Interview dates clashing with IIM -C. How to change my pi dates?

Where are the details regarding your interview details available?

Hi - just wanted to check - is getting a Distinction in your degree considered as an academic award?

Where can I find the shortlist?

guys i have a query.

My name mentioned in the MDI Application form is in the following format:

(My first name)(Mothers fullname)(My surname).

Is this how its supposed to be?

Till when do we have to fill the Application form? Is there a deadline?

@arpitashusingh Hey in my mdi form at the status tab , my photo is not getting displayed. Is it a technical issue? Will this be a prolem?

Female engineer. 98.22 .Sectionals 100|83.xx|90.4.  31 months work ex in IT. 10th - 94.4, 12th 79.6, grad- 69.83. Chances  of conversion? What is the weightage to GD PI ?

Till when can we submit the form ?

For work experience details, in the FROM-TO part. What should we give in TO for the current job?