[OFFICIAL] MANAGE, Hyderabad - PGDM(ABM) Admissions 2022-24

If extended then on which date and time we may get the notification @media_manage


The last date to apply for PDGM(ABM) at the best sectoral B-School has been extended till 25th of February. We are euphoric to welcome the 2022-24 batch of PGDM(ABM). Snap on it! And head to our website www.manage.gov.in for all the details.
Kindly find the link for filling the application form :-

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Hi guys
Any updates regarding CAT results???

10th = 89.82%
12th = 80.92%
B.Sc. (Hort) = 88.70% [MPKV,Rahuri]
M.Sc. (Ag. Econ) = 85.20% [SKRAU,Bikaner] 2020
CAT 2021 = 83.04%le
General category
What are chances of getting call from MANAGE?
I have a year gap. How will it affect my chances?

@media_manage I have submitted application before 31st Dec. Now I realized that I forgot to include Aadhaar Card in documents. What should I do? When will we be able to upload CAT score card?

No effect of gap year,… you stand a good chance in manage best of luck

Hi, dpangarkar2 you have fair chances of getting shortlisted. Although you have a gap year, justifying it well during the interview process will increase your chances of conversion. All the best.

Hi pjtsaustudent , the criteria of shortlist doesn’t solely depend on your CAT score. It takes into consideration different factors such as background, UG scores etc., Kindly apply and All the best.

Hi Krithika_M there is no minimum percentile as such. As criteria for shortlist depends on previous education background, scores etc.,
Kindly apply and all the best.

Visualization of all the dexterously collected data into forms that convey it effectively to the receivers is an astute skill and this is exactly what the participants had to do in the event “Strat Jack” conducted by IIM-Ahmedabad at Krishi Manthan 2021. We are pumped to announce that Subhashini Dwivedi, Samiran Chakraborty and Utsav Pavendra of MANAGE, Hyderabad participated and triumphed as the second runner ups at this task. This was sponsored by Dhanuka Agritech. We are utmost proud of their feat and representation of our prestige nationwide.

Hi surya1999 With above score and category you might stand a chance ,
Kindly apply and All the best.

I belong to NC OBC category, BSc agri student with
61 percentile in CAT
graduation-8.808 ogpa
Can anyone tell my chances @media_manage

I applied for manage but some of the important certificates like bonafide , conduct, income certificate and cat scorecard are yet to be uploaded. As the date of application have been extended till 25 Feb can we upload these before that date or should we do it as soon as possible?

Hi annie2 there is no minimum percentile as such and with this scores you stand a chance. kindly apply, All the Best.

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Hi, pjtsaustudent Kindly apply without any delay, All the best.

Hi my CAT percentile is 77.48 NC-OBC Bsc Agri marketing student,
Will i get converted if I do well in interview??

Hi, @PRAJWAL_P_C performing well will increase your chances on conversion, Kindly Apply , All the Best

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The classrooms have state of the art technology.
We meet people from all walks of life with rich diversity.
The meals include cuisines of different cultures and hygiene is taken care of with utmost importance.
A campus that soothes your mind and heart with its green stretch.
Here sports is taken high spirited with enthusiasm and all the amenities.
We learn so much from each other, which strengthens our bonds boisteriously.

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Link for application,

How To Fill MANAGE Application Form || Admissions PGDM (ABM) 2022-24