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According to the data obtained from a club, 100 people come for swimming, 85 come for tennis and 65 come for aerobics. For every 10 people who come for swimming, there are 3 people who come for aerobics and tennis. For every 17 people who come for tennis, there are 7 people who come for swimming and aerobics. For every 13 people who come for aerobics, there are 9 people who come for tennis and swimming. 20 people come for tennis, swimming and aerobics, while 15 people come for none of the three.

1. The total number of persons who come to the club is

(A) 150 (B) 175 (C) 155 (D) 180

2. How many members come only for swimming?

(A) 20 (B) 30 (C) 40 (D) 45

3. How many members come for both tennis and aerobics but not swimming?

(A) 8 (B) 7 (C) 9 (D) 10

4. How many members come for neither tennis nor swimming?

(A) 45 (B) 40 (C) 36 (D) 35

5. How many members come for at least one of the three given activities?

(A) 160 (B) 150 (C) 120 (D) 180

Teams from six countries participated in the Ice Hockey world championship. Every team plays every other teamonce. A team is awarded 3 points for a win, no points for a loss and 1 point for a draw. Teams are ranked on the basis of their total points and in the case of a tie, the result of the match between the teams that tied is used to determine their rank. Both Russia and Czech Republic scored 7 points each, while the match they played didn’t end in a draw. Sweden topped the tournament with 15 points. It is also known that Finland defeated Czech Republic when the two played, and that Canada got 4 points overall where as the United States lost all the matches.

1. Which team was ranked fourth in the tournament?

(A) Finland (B) Russia (C) Canada (D) Czech Republic

2. How many points did Finland score overall?

3. What were the total points scored by all the teams together?

4. How many matches definitely ended in a draw?

5. The teams, which had the same number of points, defeated how many teams in common?

The University of Dunning gives students the flexibility to specialize in one or two areas out of four – Commerce, Humanities, Medicine and Science. It is known that in a batch of 300, 50 specialize in only Commerce and half of those who specialize in Commerce specialize in Humanities also. No one who  specializes in Medicine specializes in Humanities where as everyone who specializes in Science also opts for a specialization in Commerce.

1. What is the maximum number of students who specialize in only Humanities, if it is known that every area has at least ten students specializing in it?

(A) 185 (B) 200 (C) 170 (D) 180

2. By how much is the maximum number of students who can specialize in Commerce more/less than the maximum number of students who can specialize in Medicine?

(A) 50 more (B) 50 less (C) 100 more (D) 100 less

3. The ratio of the number of students who opted for both Commerce and Science or both Commerce and Medicine, to the number of students who opted

for both Commerce and Humanities can be _____.

(A) 1 (B) 5/6 (C) 7/16 (D) 11/5

4. The number of students specializing in exactly one area among Commerce, Humanities, Science or Medicine is _____.

(A) 300 (B) at least 75 (C) at least 100 (D) at least 50

5. The maximum number of students who specialize in Science is _____.

(A) 100 (B) 105 (C) 95 (D) 125

M has some amount with him in the form of `500 notes. He distributed one-third of the amount with him among his five sons P, Q, R, S, T in such a way that the eldest son gets the highest amount, the second eldest son gets an amount less than that received by the eldest son and so on. The amount received by P is equal to the sum of the amounts received by T and R. The amount received by T is equal to the sum of the amounts received by Q and R. The amount received by S is equal to the sum of the amounts received by P and R. After distributing the amount among his sons, he gave three-fourth of the remaining amount with him to his wife, N. Finally now M is left with `3,750.

1. Who among the following is the eldest son?

(A) P (B) Q (C) T (D) S

2. What is the amount received by N?

(A) 7,500 (B) 11,250 (C) 15,000 (D) 12,500

3. What is the difference between the amounts received by the eldest son and that received by the youngest son?

(A) 2,500 (B) 2,000 (C) 1,500 (D) 1,000

4. If P gives `500 to Q, then how many of the given persons will have the same amount?

(A) 0 (B) 1 (C) 2 (D) 3

5. What is the ratio of the amounts with S and N?

(A) 2 : 3 (B) 2 : 9 (C) 3 : 7 (D) 4 : 9

Mr. Alex is a private employee and earns a fixed salary every month. While filing his income tax returns in a financial year, the accountant noticed the following.

Tax is always calculated on the income after deductions, if any. The deductions are as follows.

(i) The standard deduction is one-third of the annual salary.

(ii) Mr. Alex donates `40,000 to the PM's National Relief Fund which gives 100% exemption.

After allowing the deductions, the remaining income is taxed, which is the tax before rebate. The rate of tax on his taxable income is 20%. As he saves `35,000 towards CPF (Contributory Provident Fund) and `25,000 towards PPF (Public Provident Fund), and 20% of each can be deducted (rebate) from the tax calculated before rebate. This is the tax after rebate.

The surcharge is computed on the tax after rebate and the total amount to be paid is calculated. The surcharge is `5,000 which is 5% of the tax after rebate.

1. What is the monthly salary of Mr. Alex (in `)?

(A) 65000 (B) 70000 (C) 75000 (D) 80000

2. If the employer of Mr. Alex deducts `8,000 per month during the first eleven months of the financial year as taxes, then find the amount paid by him in the last month of the financial year as a percentage of his monthly income?

(A) 13.3% (B) 16.4% (C) 20.5% (D) 22.6%

3. If Mr. Alex is a senior citizen and he is eligible for an additional rebate of `20,000 which can be deducted from the tax before rebate, then what was the annual salary of Mr. Alex (in `), all other things remaining the same?

(A) 1050000 (B) 1035500 (C) 999500 (D) 998000

4. If his savings in CPF and PPF fetches 10% interest and the tax on the interest earned is 16.66% and the tax paid by him included the tax due to this interest, then find the difference between the salary of Mr. Alex in this case with his annual salary calculated before without considering the tax on interest, assuming all other things remain the same?

(A) `7,500 (B) `7,200 (C) `5,000 (D) `6,000

5. Had the standard deduction been one-sixth of the annual salary, all other things remaining the same, then what would have been his monthly salary?

(A) `59,000 (B) `60,000 (C) `70,000 (D) `80,000

If any one can find out the key hint to open this this set ?


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DILR veterens, please give me some pointers. I am terrified of too much data, charts and figures. LR I am better at and can attempt. But a mix of too much DI and too little LR makes it hard for me to attempt acurately. (IIFT DILR was a real life nightmare)  Please help me. 

Thank you.

i have the solution for this but thats quite time taking.... i want to see alternate approach to this question

diagram aisa hi banaya hai.. ya fir kuch aur tha.. I was doing it for first time toh i took a lot of time in understanding this but ab samajh toh aa gaya hai... did u use any other method ?

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How to improve LRDI skills? Any good source/youtube channel/videos drive to clear LRDI basics and advanced concepts? TIA..

I end up jotting down all the information provided in the question in the form of tables. Is it a good habit to do so? I am concerned about my speed. Please advise.


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