[Official] Lehigh University 1-MBA Admissions Group

Lehigh University has the #20 Part-Time MBA in the USA and we recently introduced a one year MBA as well.  Come here to learn more!

 Learn more about our 1-MBA Program.  12 months to complete - January start - Internship included!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHIEZJgcBkA 

 What are you waiting for? Launch your career with a 1-MBA. Round 2 application deadline is June 1. Apply here: https://goo.gl/TjTZ9z 

  Must read post on the Lehigh business blog by our Assoc. Dean Andrew Ward on the future of Bitcoin! #ilLUminate http://cbe.lehigh.edu/blog/posts/hackers-ransomware-trust-and-future-bitcoin 

 Are you a Social Entrepreneur who is looking to complete an MBA in One Year for FREE?!?!?!Check out Lehigh University's 1-MBA Program and the Asa Packer Social Entrepreneurship Awardhttp://cbe.lehigh.edu/mba-one-year/asa-packer-social-entrepreneurship-award