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Institute of Public Enterprise (IPE)

Established in 1964, the Institute of Public Enterprise (IPE) stands as a beacon of excellence in management education in India. As an autonomous non-profit society, IPE has been steadfast in its mission to groom students into future leaders equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in dynamic organizational and societal landscapes. With approval from the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), IPE launched its flagship two-year full-time Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) program in 1995, a pioneering initiative aimed at bridging the industry-academia gap.

Recognizing the evolving demands of the market, IPE has expanded its portfolio to include sector-specific PGDM programs in vital areas such as Marketing, Banking Insurance and Financial Services, International Business, and Human Resource Management. This proactive approach has garnered widespread acclaim from industry stakeholders, governmental bodies, and social sector enterprises alike. IPE’s commitment to excellence is evident through its continuous refinement of course content and teaching methodologies, driven by feedback from stakeholders, ensuring the relevance and efficacy of its programs.

Consistently ranked among India’s top B-Schools, IPE has garnered numerous accolades for its academic prowess and research contributions. Notably, it has been bestowed with the prestigious South Asian Quality Assurance System (SAQS) accreditation, affirming its status as a premier educational institution in the SAARC region. Beyond academia, IPE boasts a rich tradition of conducting Management Development Programs (MDPs) and spearheading impactful research and consultancy projects, further solidifying its status as a 'Center of Excellence’ recognized by esteemed bodies like the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR). Governed by a distinguished Board of Governors comprising eminent figures from policy, academia, and industry, IPE remains dedicated to its overarching goal of nurturing the next generation of visionary leaders poised to shape the future of business and society.



To become an institute of choice for social science research and management

education and contribute to the excellence of organization and society.


To anticipate and respond to the needs of social science and management research of the government, corporate and social sectors through its multi-disciplinary competency in social science research and management education.


Why Should Students Join the PGDM Program?

• The PGDM programme at IPE, being the flagship programme, is in high demand due to the fact that it follows the concept of “Mass Customization”.
• The programme is almost three decades old and has evolved into a versatile Two-Year Full-Time programme since its inception in 1995.
• Following studies of foundational management subjects in their first year, students have the flexibility to choose their dual specialization in the second year according to their interests, strengths, and the needs of their industry.
• PGDM students are highly sought after by a variety of industries and have been recruited by companies for different roles in HR, Finance, Operations, Marketing, and Analytics.
• The students will be taken on industrial and international tours to get practical experience of management concepts.
• They will be trained on the operations of Public Sector Units, which will give them a deeper understanding of business policies crafted by the Indian government.
• Students are facilitated to earn SAP certifications, Bloomberg certifications, Six Sigma certifications, digital marketing certifications, and analytics credentials using R, Python, Tableau, SPSS, etc.
• The PGDM programme has a high student intake and rich student diversity in terms of gender, cultures, innovative ideas, multi-disciplines, experience and region.
• As the programme with the largest student intake, the PGDM also has an extremely large alumni network that can offer guidance to aspiring managers.
• The PGDM students get hands-on experience incorporates through the eight-week Summer Internship Project (SIP).
• The PGDM students will have assistance from academic and industry mentors to become industry-ready.
• The PGDM students can participate in various extracurricular and co-curricular activities that will ensure their holistic development.
• The PGDM students are trained by industry experts to hone their soft skills in order to better prepare them for placements.


IPE received ‘Emerging B-School Award’ at Business World Future of Management Education Conclave 2023

IPE felicitated by the Telangana State Government on its NIRF Ranking

Certificate of Appreciation Successfully Implementation of AICTE 360 Degree Feedback

Institute of Public Enterprise (IPE) has been awarded the Platinum recognition for the year 2017 under the IGBC’s LEED India New Constructions Rating system by Indian Green Building Council(IGBC) in its convention on November 2, 2018, at Hyderabad.

Institute of Public Enterprise (IPE) has been awarded the Five Star category recognition by Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA) in its convention on February 19, 2016 at New Delhi.

IPE has been awarded for its outstanding partnership in delivery of IICA Certificate Programme (ICP) in CSR by Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, IICA,Manesar Gurgaon.

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IPE Hyderabad Admissions for PGDM 2024–26

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IPE Hyderabad Admissions for PGDM 2024–26

IPE Library

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IPE has state-of-the-art computer center with 120 PCs equipped with latest configurations that meet the current IT trends in the industry

Admission open for 2024-26

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Please can anyone tell me what is the avg package for bifs?

Hey Nakshatra ,

Please note that placements are organized according to specializations, rather than being program-specific. As of today, the average package stands at 7.5. Lakh per annum.

Ranarangam Day 1: From the thunderous kicks on the football field to strategic moves on the chessboard, it was a day packed with football, basketball, cricket, table tennis, badminton and chess -where sportsmanship met excellence!

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where Festivals Unite, Skills Ignite, and Every Beat Resonates Diversity

Admission Open for 2024-26

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Join the discussion on IPE Hyderabad Admissions for PGDM 2024–26 and acquire comprehensive information on aspects such as Fees, Cutoffs, Placements, Average Packages, and more through this official IPE Hyd group.Don’t miss out, join us now.

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It’s a place full of opportunities and exposure and being a part of PGDM-HRM I can proudly say that it’s not like any general HR specialization. We have been nurtured to foster in subjects of Human Resource Management with relevant market trends with constant guidance and mentoring of faculties from the beginning of the course which made the roots stronger.


HR Executive Talent Development, (LDP), TCS


Elevate your career with IPE’s PGDM, where leadership transcends boundaries. AICTE Approved

NBA Accredited, this two-year journey shapes leaders and industry captains. With dual specializations in HR, Marketing, Finance, Operations, and Analytics, immerse yourself in a program that goes beyond business education.

Join the elite league of business pioneers at IPE: https://www.ipeindia.org/LP

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Celebrating 60 years of brilliance and leadership! Since 1964, IPE has been a trailblazer in nurturing tomorrow’s leaders. As we mark our Diamond Jubilee, we reflect on a legacy of excellence that continues to shape the future.

Here’s to 60 years of innovation, inspiration, and paving the way for greatness.
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PGDM – International Business

Charting Global Success: Navigating Excellence in PGDM – International Business

•Gateway to envious national and international placements.

•On completion of the first year the students of PGDM International Business could undertake overseas/domestic study tour to international business establishments.

•Enabling students to prepare international business plan.

•Attractive placements are offered to the students by prestigious companies


The Post-Graduate Diploma in Management – Human Resource Management (PGDM-HRM)

•A two-year full time program comprising four semesters of study including projects.

•This program is envisaged as the highest quality program in the area of Human Resource Management as it is proactively designed to provide eligible, suitable, and competent HR professionals with sufficient knowledge of business to all industrial sectors

•The course introduces the function of HRM at length, thus, enabling the candidates to seek a career in HR function. This program offers a platter of HR elective courses and other functional area core courses, thus allowing a skill variety.

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Come, be a part of IPE to get on a journey where knowledge converges with leadership at IPE-a legacy unmatched. Elevate your skills, shape your vision, and gain the #IPEAdvantage. Join us in crafting leaders who redefine the future.


We understand that knowledge alone isn’t enough; it must be relevant to the ever-changing world. Our rigorous curriculum, innovative teaching methods, and faculty dedication ensure that theory seamlessly connects to real-world applications.

IPE is where students become adaptable professionals, where the theoretical foundation meets the demands of the dynamic market, and where learning translates into practical success.

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