[OFFICIAL] IMI Bhubaneswar-Discussions/Admission Queries [2020-2022]

IMI Bhubaneswar announces admissions for PGDM 2020-22. This is the official page and all the discussions and the questions will be entertained here.

Hello!! With 61.11 in Cat '14 😞 do i stand a chance for GD-PI?  

can anybody tell me what is the approximate gmat score reqired to get a call?

What is the placement scenerio, I mean the percentage to students  gets placed each year and what is the minimum and average packages offered?

XAT results out, here's how it finally stands for me.

(total marks computed, not best of 4/5 as per ICSE/ISC)

X (Don Bosco Liluah) - 65, XII (St. Thomas' Church) - 59, Graduation complete (BBA from CU/Bhawanipur Education Society) - 57.85 (with one backlog in first year to which I will appear for in June/July)

Work Ex - 13 months 

XAT %ile: 79.97

DO note the backlog thing, chances of admission?

CAT (OA) 68.68 %ile

Xth : 78% XIIth : 89.6%  Bcom : 54% till 2nd year

Do I stand a chance to get a call from IMI-B?


Can i request for change of date. Clashing with ximb on 25th of feb

Do we need to pay Rs.300 at the IMI Bhubaneswar's interview day? I got a mail today stating I am selected for the GD/PI session and i have been asked to fill in a form. Upon seeing that form i noticed it mentions amount of Rs. 300 towards the end. Now why would i pay considering I have already paid for the application!

When was the last date

Happy to have converted imi-bhubaneswar. Had been to the colg for campus visit. Xtrmly condusive learning environment,  great faculty base nd the institute has been given consent for recruiting studnts to state PSUs cz of the xcellent teachng pedagogy followed.

Wuld luv to get the tag of imi asap nd step on to the corporate world. 😃

Got call for IMI BHUBANESWAR. Can any student of this college tell me about this college, placement scenario, etc.?

Hi puys... I have got a GD PI call fro IMI-B on the 2nd of March..can you tell me whoever has gone thru the GDPIs before what topics have been concentrated on? do they focus a lot on business events or politics as politics isnt my forte..do pls share your experiences will be very helpful!


What is the last date for application?

can anyone please tell me that what s the average package offered(so far) to a HR student for this current batch [2013-2015]?

Placement scenario for Marketing in IMI, Bhubaneshwar?

I need specifically for Marketing Management. 😃

The interim placement report for 2015 is now available on our website www.imibh.edu.in 

Any one for interview on 10th march in Chennai.???? 

Any one for interview on 10th march in mumbai ???

hw many  of u converted?