[OFFICIAL] IIT Kanpur MBA 2017-2019 Admissions

MBA IIT Kanpur welcomes you all. This group is for all general discussions regarding the admission process. Feel free to ask any relevant question. We would be always happy to help the aspirants out. Please avoid interschool comparisons.


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Thank You !!

Hi adcom, kindly tell me what are the admission dates? And what is the likely Cat cutoff?

what is the SC cut off in CAT to get call ?

Graduation cutoff for Admission? Will 60 % be enough for general category?

What was the percentile cutoff for genreal category for last year?

does anyone have recent time coaching institute study 

Wt is the min percentile at which iitk calls for gdpi? Is it possible at 94.3? Gnrl category

Any chance of GD PI call from any IIT .OA -92.64 percentile

CAT 2016 OA - 87.89 General Category? What are my chances?

 Swaraj Krishna @Mercurian .........96.34%ile in CAT with 3 years of workex in IT.......Is it worth applying?

CAT : 92.26

Work EX: 2.5 (IT)

10: 86.4

12: 84.6

Can you please let me know about my chances?


Are there extra points for gender diversity? cat--92.90%   10th-92 12th-88 grad-80 should i fill IIT kanpur?

Oa 81.31 va 94 dilr 11 qa 89 obc 10th 80.6 12th 67 grad 76 work exp 3.6 yr. Chance of getting call?please help!! thanks in advance!!

OA 81.53.. 2yr exp.. 80 + in acads.. NC-OBC.. chances of getting call??


workex-3.9 years NC-OBC

what are the chances ?

  CAT 2016 - 96.96 percentile ( VARC - 99.46, LRDI - 76.89, QA - 93.29)

Class X - 90.2

Class XII - 91

Graduation - 8.04

Work Ex - 16 months
what are my chances of getting a call?  

 CAT Score: OA-91.91, VA-94.39, DILR-79.28, QA-87.56.

12th: 86.40%

10th: 86.00%

Category: General (MALE).

Workex: 27 months as Software Engineer at L&T.

Any chances of getting a call for GDPI? 

CAT 89.5 sectional QA 88 VA 86 LRDI 85 10th - 93 12th - 92 BE - 69.9 16months work exp. Any chances of gettin ahortlisted??

Should I apply to IIT Kanpur what are my chances? OA 90.66, VA 94.66, DI 91.82, QA 62.95, 10th 84.80, 12th 76.67, BE 71.54, work experience 25 months NC OBC, extremely low in quant any chances?

 General male engineer , CAT 91.1 with all 3 sectional above 80 TCS   work ex 2.5 yrs till date? any chance for GDPI call ? X-88% XII-  79.75%   Btch -71.86%