[Official] IIM Trichy PGPM Aspirants 2019-21 – Admission Queries

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[Official] IIM Trichy PGPM Aspirants 2018-20 – Admission Queries

OA 83.02 QA/DI/VA 86.54/80.52/71.23 10/12/GRAD 79.8/80.6/68.2 EXP- 36 MONTHS NC-OBC MALe Any chance?

OA- 97.31(VA-81.72/DI-95.6/QA-99.28) 10th-88.14 12th-88.2 B.tech-79.74 work ex-2 months GEM chances of call and how likely it is to convert?

Dear Aspirants, Greetings from IIM Trichy! Congratulations on acing CAT 2018. We understand that endless queries might be crossing your mind about the admission process. We, therefore, are here to answer your queries related to IIM Trichy and the selection process for the Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM) for the academic year 2019-21. Feel free to get in touch with us. We wish you all the very best! Visit us at www.iimtrichy.ac.in

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When are the calls for wat/pi expected to start ?

OA- 92.04(VA-94.69/DI-88.98/QA-81.33) 10th-95.6 12th-89.2 B.tech-78.13 work ex-20 months General Female Any chances?

Varc-93.41%ile Lrdi-90.61 Quant-96.79 OA- 96.57 General engineer male Work ex-9 months Do i have any realistic chance of getting a call and conversation ther after?

What  r my chances for a call?

OA:    118.26 - 94.38

QA :   29.59 - 90.71

DILR: 37.17 - 96.73

VA:     51.5 - 88.7

10th cgpa 10 (CBSE)

12th 95% (CBSE)

Category: general female

work experience : 0


When will the shortlist be out?


CAT OA : 96.48

VA/QA/DL : 99/95/89


10/12/GRAD : 96/86/75



Hi, any chances of call CAT OA 98.11 QA 92.35 DI 99.06 VA 96.19 Acads X 77.60 XII 58.00 Grad 63.25 Work ex 25 months in SBI as probationary officer GEM

NC OBC Male Fresher Engineer OA CAT 94.35% VA/LRDI/QA 88.59/91.14/95.41 10th/12th/BE 95.80/98.08/88.10 What are my chances????? Thanks in advance!

NC-OBC CAT OA 88.86 VARC 92.84 LRDI 77.28 QA 81.98 10th 86.6 12th 79.5 B.TECH 71 NO WORK EXPERIENCE MALE ENGINEER What are my chances of getting a call ??

NCOBC Female 

2.5 years work experience 

oA- 79.36

QA -75.22

DILR- 88.98

VA- 71.05 

is there any chance of getting a call

Ncobc male non engineer. Cat oa 87.49(va95,dilr64,qa74). 10/12/grad = 68/93/68 Any chances of call?


Profile Evaluation:

OA 87.27  

VA - 82.71

LR - 79.32

QA - 89.91

10/12/Engg :: 88/93.6/76.84  

NC OBC :: Work ex 18 months

Chances for a call ?

Responses would be helpful :)

Hi NC OBC Male engineer CAT percentile- 90.36 Sectional: VARC - 80.3 DILR- 67.3 QUANT- 97.5 Acads:. 10 - 78 12 - 68 B.Tech - 75 28 months of work experience in IT. Chances?

Oa.. 97 Vrc/lrdi/qa-87/99/95 Gem. 10..93 12..91 Grads.. 8.87 36 months work ex. Chances?

Cat 2018 





10/12/grad -93.1/82.92/73.75

General Male Commerce 

No work ex 

What are my chances for Iim Trichy  call ? 

thanks in advance 

Oa- 94.12 GEM Sectional - 86.79/92.12/95.1 39 months work ex manufacturing. Any chances of getting a call ?

OA-82.98 VA-88 QA-76 DILR-72 X-90 XII-93 MATHS 12TH-93 GRADUATION - 81.1 NC - OBC ENGINEER FRESHER Can I expect a call?