[Official] IIM Trichy PGPM Aspirants 2018-20 - Admission Queries

This is the official group for all IIM Trichy aspirants who have taken CAT 2017 and is applying for the Post Graduate Programme in Management for the academic year 2018 - 2020. All official communication from the admissions office during the entire admission process will be communicated here. The admins will answer questions regarding admissions, campus life and WAT-PI preparation. Feel free to get in touch with us.

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Hi all

Throw your queries guys.

Last year GEM cutoffs please.

have you recieved the CAT results for creating the shortlist?

Expecting 94%ile, SC 87/81/74 Btech male fresher, chances of converting IIM Trichy with avg/below avg GI/PI/WAT? 

Can u rank new iims going for CAP process in order of preference ? Need help

Is 3+ years of WorkEx going to affect the selection process adversely?

How is IIM trichy for operations? Can anyone shed light on this?

Will 97.61 get a call ? Gem fresher with good acads

Can i expect a call at 96.8... GEM 36 months work ex.... 10/12/grad : 88.8/91/8.01 cgpa

for shortlisting for gdpi, does iimt consider acads ? If so , then at oa 97.54 and avg acads (75+ throughout) , what are my chances ?

I have 96.66 percentile with sectionals hovering 94. GEM with 95 in 10th, 87 in 12th and 77 in grad. Fresher. Can I expect an interview call? Also, when does the shortlist for the gdpi come out?

Can i expect a call at  10/12/Btech-68.8/68.6/65.3CAT 17 VA/DILR/QA/OA- 94/93/97/97.43work ex 69 months IT  GEN

Can expect a call at 91 %ile (all above 80%ile) nc obc and X/XI/BTECH 84/81/78

 OA = 98.26

VA = 94.50

DILR = 98.64

QA = 95.74

GEM, (87.60/79.40/82.9), 30 months of work ex. Need to know my chances.. please help  

  OA 80.91%ile All sectionals above 72. Engineer male(NCOBC).Past acads- 10/12/BE 78.55/60/69.41 work ex 6 months. Can I expect a call (new or baby) or should i start my prep for cat 2018?  

GEM CAT 96.50 VA 94.17 LRDI 91.10 QA 95.58 Work ex- 30 month + Acads  X-88 XII-80 Grad- 86.1 NIT-Bhopal Mechanical Please guide.

96.51 general male engineer with average academics. Do I stand a chance of converting if called for interview?

Is it possible to know when the shortlist for CAP will be out? Thanks in advance.