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Welcome to the admissions thread for 2017-19! Congratulations for your success in CAT!

We are here to answer all your queries and help you in your admissions process of IIM Rohtak. 


Please also check out our blog https://iimrohtaklogs.wordpress.com/ and our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/IndianInstituteOfManagementRohtak

Please refrain from comparison of colleges on this thread. 

What is the tentative date for receiving calls?

Overall cut off to get a call this year ?

 cat oa: 95.39 qa:94.85 va:95.97 dilr:81.47  X: 91 XII: 78 Grad: 68(pune uni) Exp: 11 months. Which college can i aim for ? 

Any chance of converting with OA - 94.48 %ile  with all sectionals cleared ?? TIA

Do we need to apply separately for shortlisting process? I received a message to  apply for IIM-K.


i scored 95.95%ile cat

all sectionals 90+%ile

10th- 85%


graduation- 70.72

university third ranker

very good co curriculars

commerce background  fresher....any chance ?


VA      60.08,  DI LR   74.26,  QA   88.86


work ex-33 months(project management and operations  and senior analyst in IT consulting)

is there any chance?  please respond. 

O.A : 71.06 (SC CATEGORY) 

VA : 77 LRDI: 55 QA: 67 

13 months work ex 

10th/12th/Grad : 87/85/64 

any chances? Please respond 


Quant : 98

DILR : 96

Verbal : 77

Overall : 95

Experience : 30 months


X - 86, XII - 92, Btech - 78

Do I stand any chance?


OA 97.62 (VA 84.27 LIDR 99.49 QA 94.85) class X 91 class XII 87 B. Tech CGPA 9 /10, Fresher. What are my chances?

QA-96.85, VR-84.37, LRDI-65.14, OA-90.31. Category:NC-OBC. Work Ex- 2.6 years(manufacturing industry).10th-93.33%,12th-96.2% Grad-83.8%. Any chance of getting call? Thanks in advance.

 VERBAL- 95.75


QUANT- 88.39

OA : 95.66

10th -87.5

12th- 72.2

Grad: 66

Btech( Fresher) 

 Please tell me my chances of call and conversion 

Cat overall 95 percentile Verbal 91 DILR 86 Quant 96 10th- 87% 12th- 85% B.TECH 72% Work Ex 3 Years Should I expect a call ? PS: Last year cutoff was 96 I heard

Do i get a call at this profile va 70.60% dilr 68.38% qa 85.28% overall 77.78% 10th 75 12th 75.6 b.tech 76.7 or 8.17 GPA 13 months experience as iti instructor obc ncl category please need your help

I am unable to register for IIM Rohtak for PGP courses. Can you please help me out with the link. Thanks in advance

  97.86-oa lr-95 ls-98 qa-92 general non engineer male fresher X-9.0 XII-82 grad bsc math stats-63
what are my chances of getting a call and if i do cnoverting it?

CAT Overall 87.79, Sectional VA 88, DILR 72, QA 89, 10th 86, 12th 94, B.Com 78.5, Fresh Graduate. Do i stand a chance of getting shortlisted ?

 General Male Engineer. Cat'16VA-93.14DI/LR-87.09QA-96.48OA-95.8210th-84%(Assam board)12th-73%(Assam board)B.Tech-7.38(CGPA)Work-EX-30months.What are my chances? Please help!