[OFFICIAL] IIM Rohtak PGDM 2016-18 Admission Discussion

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This is the 2016-18 Official IIM Rohtak (IIM-R) thread for Admission and WAT/PI related queries, which aims to provide aspirants information about the admission process.

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Summer Placements Report of Batch of 2015-17:


Final Placement Report of Batch of
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Official Blog: http://life-at-iim-rohtak.blogspot.in

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Hello Aspirants,

Please follow this thread for further updates regarding the WAT/PI shortlist. Also, please keep the discussions related to WAT/PI only.

Good Luck. 😃 

Nc obc 

OA 92.8 va 99.1 dilr 72.8 quant 81.85 

10th 87.1 12th 79.6 Engg 71

Bank of Baroda PO 19months

What're my chances ?

Is the list out??  I mean stage 1

Hello Everyone,

You can find the last two years' cutoffs for IIM Rohtak's WAT/PI shortlists here:

2014: http://www.iimrohtak.ac.in/cat-2013-list-of-candidate-for-wat-pi.html

2015: http://www.iimrohtak.ac.in/addmission/wat-pi-2015.html.html



OA 82.9%ile 


dilr 72.42%ile

qa- 82%ile

10,12,btech all above 75% 

OBC cndidate

what are my chances for call?and selection? 

98.5 oa ................ gem ,,,,,,,grad 67 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,What are my chances ?

10th 92 12th 75 no work ex

Hi Seniors,

Can you provide the link for Admission Policy? (Or provide the weightage for Xth,XIIth,Grad,Job Ex and CAT Score for shortlisting of Candidates for WAT/PI) ?

Plz provide your inputs on my profile :

Cat - 96.44, 90+ in all sections, X- 91, XII - 93.4, Grad - 81.4 B.tech in Electronics and Comm.,

Work Ex- 18 months till December. Do I have any realistic chance of getting a call ? Thanks in advance..

OA 95.36 ( VA 93.89 QA 85.1 DI 97.15)

X 91.68 XII 90.83 BTech 76. Workex 1 year

call possible?

Fresher, General. CAT OA 98.28. VARC/LRDI/QA are 99.16/96.1/92.48. X/XII/grad are 9.2/82.66/64.133. What are my chances?

oa-83.94 qa-85.94 lr-78.00 va-78.00 10/12/b.E-86/80/80  nc-obc 3 years work exp any  chances???????


Kindly let me know till which month would IIM Rohtak be considering the work experience?

Is there any possibility that the cutoffs which have been declared previously,may get lowered further? 

My scores-

OA-95.15, VARC-69.1, DILR-90, QA-99.32. 

Please tell the chances?

I have been shortlisted for IIM Lucknow PGP- Sustainability Management Course. Will my scores of WAT-PI in IIML PGP-SM be used in CAP by the new IIMs. Kindly clarify this query.

Will I get another chance while the CAP by the new IIMs.


When is the shortlist expected to be out ?

Hi, I have got OA 93.76, QUANTS 96.58 VERBAL 86 DI/LR 88

10th 8.8/10 CBSE

12th 80.3% (state board)

B,Tech 8.24 till the 7th sem

No work exp

What are my chances of getting a call? Please help.

96.3 in cat...what chances?

Dear Aspirants,

For your reference, Please find below some relevant links for your perusal.

FaceBook Page: https://www.facebook.com/IndianInstituteOfManagementRohtak/?fref=ts

Last year's cutoffs: http://www.iimrohtak.ac.in/addmission/wat-pi-2015.html.html

Admission Policy: http://www.iimrohtak.ac.in/wp-content/uploads/2015/Admission-Policy%202016.pdf

Blog: http://life-at-iim-rohtak.blogspot.in

Annual Magazine R-Letter: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5bB2uFys5iTM2VxQmU4Nnoxd2M/view

Thanks & Regards,

PR Cell

IIM Rohtak

CAT-96.48 (VA-98.66/LRDI-82.07/QA-93.65)

X/XII/BE- 69/77.80/66.9

Work-ex-41 months till now. 

How are my chances.