[OFFICIAL] IIM Rohtak Admission Queries and Discussion 2021-2023

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Hello aspirants Greetings from IIM Rohtak The wait is finally over! #CAT2020 results have been declared today! Congratulations on clearing the first hurdle of the admission process. To guide and bring you closer to the final step, we have opened up our helpdesks to address your doubts and queries and to make sure your journey from being an aspirant to a student is smooth and hassle-free. You can post your queries on the below-mentioned link Link to Helpdesk Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/iimrohtakadmissions2021/?ref=share For further information regarding the admission policy, kindly visit the following link: https://www.iimrohtak.ac.in/index.php/programmes/pgp/admission-2020 You can contact any of the persons mentioned below for your queries: Ashish Khandwekar: +91-6232955615 Sarvagya Mhalan: +91-8882421733 Srishti Srivastava: +91-9506306991 Athira Menon: +91-9172563037 See you at the admissions. Regards, Public Relations Cell IIM Rohtak

On What minimum %ile, can a OBC Candidate expect a call from IIM Rohtak?

Overall %ile is 94.35, should I apply?

OA- 92.29 %ile , general category male, non eng. , Should i apply ?

98.04 overall

Bhar du? Will i get call?

Hi Adcom , I belong to OBC. The required cut off is 78. Will all the person above 78 get a chance to PI or futher shortlisting be done to get PI call ?

cat 2020 overall 90.35%ile varc - 95.13%ile ; dilr - 47.48%ile ; qa - 91.63%ile 

category - EWS

am i eligible and should i fill the form and have i cleared the overall and sectional cutoffs for EWS category 

CAT20 94.2, 80 above in all sections. GEM 18 months exp. Any chance of getting a call?

Cat -91 10-90 12-86 Grad -73 Work ex - 20 month Ews My chances?



 I have secured 92.37 percentile in CAT, profile

 General, Non Engineer. (Commerce Grad)

2 yrs  Work Ex 


Is there a chance of getting a call with above profile, as per the notification the cut off is 95 %ile for general, however is it possible at getting calls at lower percentile.

I'm new here ..

want to do PG in MBA.

pursuing my UG in engineering 

I wanna get to know some information about MBA

Hello adcom, How to calculate 60% cat score (scaled to 100) ? Can you help with this ?

OA percentile 97.16%

VARC 98.70

DILR   77.90

Quan  95.84

Scaled score - 86.02

Female  - General - Engineer

10th/12th/Deg  -  87.90/89.40/79.02

Work experience - 16 months



CAT 2020 : Overall percentile-95.63






UG- 8.3cgpa

 CAREGORY :: Female ,EWS 

Chances for call?


Can anyone address the following queries reg. filling up application?

1. No class/Division is awarded  for  10 th/12 th stanadrd

   Shall we  fill " I class"  or " I class with distiction"

2. Under work experiece , If I am currently working - What to fill up under  To Column - Is it up to 31 st Dec 20 or 31 St March 2021? or leave it blank?

Hi adcom , Can you give details on last year least composite score offered in each category ? This will be encouraging. Thanks in advance

Hi, I got 87.8 with sectionals 83/59.62/93.1 and I'm an OBC candidate with acads 88/63/7.78.. Do i stand a chance?

20% on diversity means 10% to each academic and gender?