[Official]IIM Rohtak 2015-17 Converts

Hi All, Greetings from IIM Rohtak Public Relations Cell!! Congratulations to all the candidates who made it to the 2015-17 batch of IIM Rohtak. This is the official thread for the final converts for PGDM batch. We are here to answer any query regarding the college and help you make an informed choice.

Congratulations to all of you for your converts. Finally you have all made it to the IIM family! This is the thread for you to ask queries about IIM Rohtak and we assure you that we will answer it all to the best of our abilities. 

P.S: Please refrain from any comparison between colleges.

Ok. So I called AO a couple minutes ago. A very polite male answers.

1. All those who are not selected are waitlisted.

2. They do not have waitlist numbers.

3. Next info will be communicated only after 23rd.

Any DA category got converted...please post here 

Hey guys.. Any idea when the new campus will be ready?

Converted rohtak.Check on website yo.GEM with 97.92 in cat.22 months WE.x/xii grad 92.6/74/74 yoyoyo.Leaving udaipur.

congratulations ..pleased to offer admission as a general category student..whereas i applied under OBC category .. what does it mean ?

any whatsapp group?


Converted rohtak..BT rejected by udaipur...curious!! 😃 

Hey guys....congratulations for having converted IIM Rohtak.I have created a WhatsApp group for all the converts.Just comment here with your name and no.

converted first IIM 😃

Dear Aspirants,
First of all congratulations to all of those who secured the admission in IIM Rohtak and all the best to the people who are in the waitlist.

All those who have converted IIM Rohtak are requested to follow the below instructions:
Facebook group has been created to resolve your problems and answer you queries about IIM Rohtak!

To join this group, click the link and "Join"!

You are also required to fill this form and after verifying your details we will add you to the group!

Please make sure you fill the form correctly so that we can verify your details and approve your join request.

Converted IIM Rohtak!! Wont join though 😃

hey whats the batch strength this year?150?

@Sejal.a do we have to fill the data form today itself??

Guys I'd like to introduce to you Kanika Bhalla. She is a member of placement committee. So in case you have placement related queries, she'll be here to help you out. @kani111 over to you 😃

results link please anyone

@Sejal.a can payment be done online instead of sending dd?

How do i know that i have been waitlisted?? Also, is there any waitlist no., if so, upto what no. last year there was a convert?? Kindly clarify.......