[Official] IIM Ranchi PGDHRM 2014-16 Admission Queries

Hi Everyone, Greetings from Team Communique, Media PR Cell, IIM Ranchi! We are glad to announce another season of admissions for PGDHRM at IIM Ranchi for the batch 2014-2016.PGDHRM course is in its 3rd year now and since it’s incipience in 201…

Hi Everyone, Greetings from Team Communiqué, Media PR Cell, IIM Ranchi! We are glad to announce another season of admissions for PGDHRM at IIM Ranchi for the batch 2014-2016.

PGDHRM course is in its 3rd year now and since it's incipience in 2012, has integrated itself as one of the most unique aspects of IIM Ranchi.

All the call getters are required to join the Facebook group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/481992501911578/

The objective of the course is to create HR Professionals who have the competencies to understand the business of the organization and its drivers; understand the connect between business and HR deliverables; lead or contribute to the formulation and implementation of the best in class Human Resources practices in their organization and take on a strategic role in the development and accomplishment of organizational goals and objectives.

Overall IIM Ranchi seeks to create real, credible and business oriented HR professionals with well honed competencies to manage and lead both people and business.

Aspirants, who are interested in specializing in the HR domain, should apply for PGDHRM course irrespective of whether one has applied in the CAT form or not. It's mandatory! One will also need to pay the registration fee accordingly.

The link to apply online for PGDHRM 2014-16 is :

For detailed breakup of the shortlisting criteria for WAT/ PI please refer:

We request all the aspirants to keep visiting this thread to remain updated about the latest developments. We will try our best to answer your queries at the earliest.

For any information regarding IIM Ranchi, please visit the website: http://www.iimranchi.ac.in

It would enable easier and convenient discussions, and help us in guiding you through the WAT/PI procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some queries have a habit of repeating, so we are sharing some of the frequently requested ones,

1. Last year cutoffs || PGDHRM

Category OA Sectionals

General 90 70

OBC 81 63

SC 75 60

ST 65 50

PWD 70 55

Please refer to the document stating the criteria this year. HRM calls are profile based.Final calls will depend on where you relatively stand in comparison to all the applicants. The calls for HRM were given in the ratio of 1:40 last year.

2. You will be able to fill the application after 3 days of payment. Please go through the instructions on the website carefully.In case of any other problem with online application,kindly contact IIM Ranchi's IT committee :

+91 0651 2280113 Ext -118

We prefer you calling the committee, since these problems are resolved best over the phone. Since some of you have professed to non-answered phonecalls, for form related enquires, you can write to : [email protected]iimranchi.ac.in for clarifications.

We have found that some cases are related to ICICI bank causing problems while sending data to us, so also contact your bank to check whether the proper details have been sent successfully. You may write to the manager at: [email protected]

3. The placements for PGDHRM 2012-14 are going on.Please refer to the summer placement report 2012-14 for further information.

4.IIM Ranchi is the only IIM offering PGDHRM course. The first batch has a strength of 38 and the second batch has a strength of 43.

5.Your location for WAT/PI will depend on what preferences you have given on the CAT form / PGDHRM form (if asked for).

Last date for filling Personal data-Admission Form is 9th February 2014. Candidates failing to fill up the Personal Data-Admission Form by 9th February 2014 will not be considered for shortlisting for WAT/PI of PGDHRM Program.

Candidates who have completed the bank payment process by 5th Feb, 2014 (last date), but have not received any email regarding non submission of Personal Data-Admission Form from the [email protected] by 07th Feb, 2014 are requested to send a scan copy of the challan at [email protected] by 08. 02.2014, 6.00 p.m.

Hope this helps!

All the Best 😃 


Team Communiqué

Media PR Cell, IIM Ranchi





hi could u let us know the CAT cut off for GEN
secured 96.52 with 3+ exprnc

what should be the minimum percentile considered as cut-off

Hi Seniors,

Please find my profile below:

10th: 85.2 %

12th: 82.8 %

B.E: 75.73%

CAT 2013: 93.8% overall

QA: 61%le


Can I expect a call considering horrible QA score??

Hi Seniors,

Please find my profile below:


Working with Accenture since past 12 months. Can i expect a call with this profile?

98.01 OA with 99.07VA and 90.36QA.. 90 in Xth, 83 in XIIth and 67 in Btech.. 28 Months work Ex.. Any chance?


QA 92.7

VA 90.9

OA 94.25

10th :- 91.5

12th :- 94.9

UG - 82.9%

Workex :- 20 months

GENERAL category.

What are my chances of call @IIMRanchi

Hi my 10th-90.5%,12th -95.4,btech-71.5,cat QA/DI-97.5,VA-66.8,OA -90.6 PERCENTILE, 1n half yr experience and belongs to NC-OBC CATEGORY(MALE) ANY CHANCES OF GETTING CALL.

Hi all,

I have scored 93.01 overall percentile ...QA:- 80.74 percentileVA:- 96.32 percentile

Work ex .. 24 months in IT as on 19/Dec/2013

Acads:-Grad: Btech :- 89.1XII:- 90.20X:- 90.80

Can someone please guide with such stats I should apply to the college ?

Thanks in advance



VA 84.91

10th 92.0

12th 97.5

GRAD 66.0


any chances of a call?

Hi. If suppose I am called by a few IIMs then my GD PI will be centralize or I'll have to appear separately for each one of them? And if separately then where for IIM Ranchi? One last question, when are interviews expected as per last year? 😃

@IIMRanchi OA : 92.73 , QA : 90.36, VA : 90.36 , X- 79, XII- 82, Grad -64, Work-ex - 3 yrs OBC-NC candidate . Can I expect a call ..?

And when I need to produce OBC-NC certificate(approx date) ?

OA - 98.86 QA - 97.42 VA - 97.73 Xth - 89.8 XIIth - 82.4 Grad - 80.6

what are my chances?


Do we need to make any seperate application for IIM Ranchi.
Also apart from CAT percentile, what is the minimum overall acad profile required for a call in general category? Please reply

x- 68

xii - 71.2
grad - 60
cat - 99.72 😁
any chances ?

@IIMRanchi Hi Seniors,

my profile cat 2013
sec 1 - 69.46
sec 2 -83.28
Over all - 79.18 percentile, NC-OBC Female
10th- 85.00 12th- 67.40 Btech- 88.40 Work Ex- 30 months , any chances ??

General student. Male. Commerce background, CA Inter cleared and 30 months work ex. More than 85 in each section and 89.98 overall. Any chances @IIMRanchi ?

Any updates on the placements?

Hi Seniors,

cat OA :94.93
QA :98.99
VA :68.73
what r my chances ? No where in the criteria it has mentioned about the sectional cut offs..
PLease advice ...