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Dear Aspirants,
Greetings from IIM Raipur’s Admissions Committee!!
CAP Calls are out, and the second part of the marathon towards your IIM dream starts now. We, the Admissions Committee of IIM Raipur, are opening this forum to assist you in this crucial time. We hope to answer all your queries and doubts during this phase and be with you throughout your journey. Please find below various useful links and feel free to post your questions through the Pagalguy Forum.

All the best, and we hope to see you soon at IIM Raipur! Stay tuned for more updates!

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Hello Team,
I just wanted to know till what time IIM Raipur will consider the work experience?
July 31st or Dec 31st?

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Hello Aspirant,

As per CAP 2023 guidelines, work experience till 31st January 2023 will be considered for CAP 2023. Do read the instructions carefully before filling the application form.

Good luck!

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@Shreya_Ranjan for iim raipur also workex till 31st jan ??

As last year they took only till 31st july as per cat form

Hello Aspirant,

IIM Raipur will follow CAP 2023 guidelines for the admission process according to which work experience till 31st January 2023 will be considered.

Good luck!

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Thank You So Much

What is consistency in academic column which is havibg 2 points.??

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Hello Monoj,

The consistency score is related to your academic consistency in 12th and Graduation. For a candidate to receive the consistency score, their scores in 12th and Graduation should stay in the same bracket or should have increased from 12th to Graduation. If the Graduation score slips into a bracket below, the candidate would not receive the consistency score. You can refer to Table 3 of our Admissions Policy for score brackets.

Hope that helps.

Good luck!

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Is IIM Raipur not considering 10th standard marks for final selection?

Hello Aspirant,
IIM Raipur considers 12th and graduation marks, but not 10th marks for the final selection.
Good Luck!

Hi there, I want to know if we need to provide College leaving certificate at the time of our PI or we can submit it later?

Hello Shweta!
You don’t need to submit any document during your PI.
You only need to present your documents during your admission that you submitted in your CAP form.
There is no need to submit a leaving certificate, only your graduation degree certificate, or a provisional degree if you have not yet received the degree.

1.Hi mam/sir. I received mail from IIM raipur shall i want to apply again sir

2.I received mail from IIM sirmur it mentioned that they are accepting only hotel management

Is it possible to choose only the course mentioned or our choice to choose?

Hello Range Gowd,
For query 1, can you please elaborate on the mail that you are talking about?
For query 2, you will be eligible for the courses that you have chosen in CAT form. It is not possible to choose now.
Good luck!

Hello ,
My IIM CAPs interview is clashing with another interview. Like same date , same time . What should i do ? Please help , I can’t miss either of them !!

Hi Ishita,

We will get back to you on this query.

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Thankyou .

Hi team,

I want to know whether BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) qualifies for academic diversity marks or not ?


Hi Ishita,

Please contact IIM Udaipur for getting your interview slot changed.

Hi Ashish,

Yes, BCA degree qualifies for academic diversity points during score calculation.

Good Luck!