[Official] IIM Raipur Admission Queries [2022-2024]

every single college this year gave too many buffer calls. But then I think they all used to do the same every year. Its just that this year there is a sudden influx of students due to recent MBA graduates salary hike . Although we wont see this mismanagement next year but these colleges have ruined lives of many aspirants.


Any chances of waitlist movement now?

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There hasn’t been a single movement till now. Don’t see any movement happening later.


Any movements today?

From where u got this info?

Yes there was movement for ews category

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Hi, I have filled the google form. But I haven’t been added to the official WhatsApp group yet. Please add me ASAP, so I can clarify my doubts. Thank you!

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How much movement took place in the recent lists?
Also can we expect further lists?

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Can we expect any movement in Raipur and if yes till when can we expect a new list?

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Anyone received call from iim raipur regarding spot round from ews category?

Did you recieve?

If yes, what was your waitlist number?

No , one of my friend received yesterday his wl was around 10

Has the further process like offer Acceptance and paying acceptance money started for him ?

Hello can you tell your wl no. and category?

I received offer at gen WL100
And yes the process has started
Ig movement was around 148 for Gen

Can someone from the admission team please respond to all the queries, will there be any further lists?

can someone tell me what is the recent wl movement for obc category at iim raipur?

I think for obc it was 0