[OFFICIAL] IIM Raipur Admission Queries (2021-2023)

Dear Aspirants, Greetings from IIM Raipur’s Admissions Committee!!


We are opening up this forum to assist you in this crucial time before your interviews start. We hope to guide you in your final stages of admission. We encourage you all to come forward and fire away all your doubts and queries. We are more than happy to help you to the best of our abilities!


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Hello I have 95.01 %ile in CAT 2020 10th 91.1 % 12th 80% Graduation (pursuing) 78% General Non Engineer Male Can I expect a call and what are the chances for conversion Please help

Till which date will work experience be counted by IIM Raipur for the CAP process? Last year Ranchi considered till july 31, 2019.  Will the work experience be counted till July 31st ,2020 or till dec 2020 or jan 2021?

Hello Candidates,

Last day to apply : 10th january 2020

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9/6/7 ACAD




chances ??


General Engineer Male

X :  95 (CBSE)

XII :  91.6 (NIT)

UG :  8.2 (EE) Tier 2 College

Work-Ex : 25 Months (Private Sector)

CAT : 95.67 (98.99/85.67/80.13)

Considering last year's stats, can I expect a call? What is the chance of final shortlist?

I have entered incorrect work experience in CAT application form 2020. Can i correct it during CAP process or They gonna disqualify me for this mistake. My actual work ex with certificate is 24.5 months and i have entered 29 months.


what are my chances 

CAT percentile 84.84(VA-73;Di-83;QA-86)

NC OBC , female, Dentist

X-80,plus2 -90,grad-63.5

General Bcom Female  

Cat 94.5%ile (96/86/88)

Class 10th: 92% Class 12th: 89.33%  Grad - 78%

work ex- 24 months  

Any chances of call? 

Is there any chance of  IIM RAIPUR  allowing us to change from general catagory to EWS in the raipur application?


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what was the percentile of the last ews candidate who was offered a seat last year?

are cap calls out ?

When will the cap calls be out??

Greetings from the Admissions Committee! 

We are pleased to announce that the CAP shortlist emails  have been rolled out! Candidates are advised to check their inbox and spam folders. 

Kindly go through the email and follow the link to log into the CAP portal for further instructions. In case you have any queries after going through the instructions in the email and the CAP portal, feel free to reach out to us here.  

All the best for the further rounds.

Why is it that CAP cutoffs are falling every year?

I have a few questions:-

1.) I am currently working , what to put as the last date in the" Period to "option ?

2.) I have not left my job, so what to write in the "reason of leaving" option ?

The Selection criteria mentioned on CAP website is for every IIM in CAP round or only for IIM Raipur?

Hi Team,

How the CAP process works please elaborate

How many calls are given for CAP round? As in IIM I gave some 2k calls for general. So how many calls does CAP gives?