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Greetings from IIM Lucknow!

On behalf of IIM Lucknow (Sustainable Management), We congratulate everyone on acing CAT 2021.
We are here to address your queries related to the selection process for Post Graduate Program in Sustainable Management 2022-2024. Join this group to know more about admission criteria, results, and campus life. Please feel free to post your concerns regarding the Sustainable Management Program. We wish you all the very best for further processes.

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I did not recieve any email from IIM Lucknow but the document on the website has my regsiteration number highlighted for SM. What do I do now?

Hello Nidhi,
If you are able to login into the students dashboard portal, you have been shortlisted for the further rounds of the selection process.

Hi, I have some issues with the composite score calculation. Is there any way to know the 12th class percentile? I feel this is not calculated correctly.

I had 87.20% in my 12th class from Rajasthan Board. This should definitely make me in top 10-15 percentile.


I have aquery regarding the undergarduate score calculation
I have entered semester wise percentage by using the college given formula to convert CGPA to percentage but for calculating the final CGPA my college takes a weighted average and the form is taking normal average because of which percentage is changing from 90.7 to 89.5.
How should I proceed
Thank you in advance


Your academic score is already considered through the data you submitted through cat application. This data is being collected just to verify your claim. This won’t affect your composite score.

Im Sparsh, As mentioned in the shortlisting & remainder mail from IIM L, the deadline for submitting the Personal Interview (PI) form online is January 27, 2022, at 13.00 Hrs (Thursday). I have completed all of the fields in the form and only the final submit button needs to be pressed.

I tried logging in at 0100 hrs on January 27th, the system says “Sorry! The deadline for submitting the WAT-PI form has passed”.
I’m also attaching the screenshot of the message when I try to log in at 0100 hrs27 January & the remainder mail from the IIM Lucknow admission office regarding the deadline.

I request you to please look into it as it is a matter of my whole carrier.

Thanking you & regards

same here what to do???should we wait???any contact number???

Could you please confirm about the deadline, as i m not able to login now

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I understand your concern, there might be a glitch in the server which might have lead to this issue. You can wait for issue to resolve and simultaneously drop a mail to [email protected] to raise a query regarding the issue.

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Do we have to fill the Work experience till 31 July 2021 only ??


his is a screenshot from interview letter. Does this means interview date will not be opened or shared with me till 2 days before my interview date, as a surprise.

Yes you will be notified 2 days before the interview

can you please tell from your past experience what will be the estimated range of interview dates for this season


Congratulations on securing admission into PGP-Sustainable Management, IIM Lucknow. We look forward to having the batch of 2022-24 on the highway to Hel(L)!

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Dear IIML Team,

I have received the email yesterday regarding selection in PGP & PGP-SM. I have been trying to visit the URL - (IIM LUCKNOW: StudentDashboard) to accept the offer.
Strangely, Even after filling in the correct login details - I am not able to do so. The warning on the page is - " Invalid Login Credentials / you are not in merit list!"

If I have been sent a PGP selection email - I was hoping that my name would be on the merit list.
Kindly let me know if this is a technical glitch on the website. I have been trying to call the admissions office since yesterday for clarification - But to no avail.

Eagerly awaiting your response.

Hello Aishwarya,

Congratulations for making it to IIML.

This does happen due to technical glitches. If you have received the email, you should try logging in after some time.

Team Ignicion

Hi Saurabh,

Thanks a lot for the prompt reply.
The issue is still there even after - logging in after some time, changing browsers / networks.

Should I be worried?