[Official] IIM Kozhikode PI/Essay/Resume Shortlist Discussion 2020-22

Shortlist for IIM Kozhikode http://www.iimk.ac.in/academics/pgp/admissionpackage2019/PDFstage2/index.php


GEM 96(10th), 95.5(12th), 92.5(B.Tech)

If I score around 97-97.5 percentile with 88(VA), 92(DILR), 98.5(QA); is there any possiblility for IIM Kozhikode call? Please respond

Check here for Admission Criteria for 2019-21


Shot at interview call with 99.75+ percentile with 75% in 12th given the new shortlisting criteria?

I'm getting 18 in LRDI. Any chance I can clear sectional cutoff for IIM K

Hey @swtmuku

My profile is 

10th - 95

12th - 91

Graduation BCA till 4th sem - 80

Expecting a raw score of 140-150 slot 1.

Any chances?

Can seniors pls explain what is the purpose of resume in final selection and how will resumes be evaluated by panelists?

171/ 70+34+67 (slot2), 7.0/10 ug (old iit) Icse XII: 89.0/100 Icse X : 92/100 Chances of call ? GEM with no workex . (1.5 year break for upsc)

At what percentile GEM candidates can expect a call from IIM Kozhikode and chances of conversion?

Gen female bcom, 139 slot 2,10-95%,12-94.8%,bcom-90.03%,call from iimk?

Slot 2 Varc -40 DILR -32 QUANT -27 OA-99 SC Male engineer Fresher's 10th/12th /grad (old IIT )-64 /63 /6.23 Any chance of receiving call from IIM K ?

Expecting 98.5+, GEM

94/81/7.4 (10/12/grad)

chances for call?

At 147(gem fresher) in slot 2 and 97.5 from AP board (12th).. Odds of getting a call from k..?

Just wanna how are my chances of converting the IIMK call. 12th 93% CBSE CAT 161 Slot 2 BE-73% Pune University VA-50 DILR-56 QA-55 GEM


What Pecentile can i expect for 130-140 score in Slot 2?

For 90+ in sectionals what should be my scores?

With 10/12/grad: 91/90/85 and 2 yrs of IT work ex GEM.  and expected 96+ %ile do i have a chance?

 CAT 2018 SLOT 2 OA-142 (OBC) 

 10th - 10 CGPA



 Work ex-12 months (till now as a coaching techer)

Chances for Call

CAT 2018 Slot 1 Score OA 151 VA 76 DILR 52 QA 23 12th percentage 90.17. GEM with 34 month work experience in IT. Can I expect call from IIMK given my low score in quant?

Cat 2018 slot 2 score OA 91 VA - 54 Lrdi - 4 Quant - 33 12th percent 82.3 PWD low vision with 36 months work ex IT Can i expect a call from IIM K, Lrdi sectional scares me..

CAT 2018 SLOT 2 OA-152  




 10th - 92%


 Btech-9.03 CGPA

GEM 6 months of work-ex

What would be my chances?