[OFFICIAL] IIM Kashipur PGDM 2018-2020 Admission Queries

Greetings! This is an official thread of IIM Kashipur. Aspirants can post their queries here.

All the best to all the aspirants of CAT'17. Keep calm and trust your instincts!

What was the least cat score for obc NCL category candidate who converted ( means get admission) IIM Kashipur last year.

Since iim kashipur selects candidates based on profiles, wat was the lowest CS of candidates who made the cut? (Category wise)

CAT Overall - 91.59

VARC - 96.15

DILR - 69.6

QA- 88.89


10/12/B.tech - 94.3/91.1/7.37

28 months work ex in IT 

Any chances of calls from IIMs?  

Cat-99.05,10/12/b.com-82/89/57 no work experience...can i expect a call..is there any realistic chances...please tell me the weightage given to academics..


LRDI- 96.84

QA- 93.34

OA- 98.29

Xth- 92

XIIth- 81

Grad(B.tech)- 71% 

Work-ex: 18 months in core operations 

Chances of call? 


When the iim's accounce short listed students? Is there any separate form we have to fill?

CAT 95.57 ( VARC 94.17, LRDI 92.18, QA 92.95)

10/12/Grad 86/83/86

Work ex - 24 months



 Can i expect a call at 96.8... GEM 36 months work ex.... 10/12/grad : 88.8/91/8.01 cgpa 

Oa- 97.4 va- 82 lrdi-96 qa- 98 10th-83 12-68 grad-63.4 fresher, any chance of getting call???

OA- 91.77 Quant -87.5% Verbal - 95% Di lr -81% 98/95/79 in 10th/12th/Grad Chance for call from baby iims ?

OA - 87.03 Verbal/DI-LR/Quants - 72/96/83. 

General Category

 X/XII/Btech - 94/90/96. 2 years workex.

Will I get a call from baby or new iims?

  OA 80.91%ile All sectionals above 72. Engineer male. work ex 6 months. Can I expect a call (new or baby) or should i start my prep for cat 2018?  

OA: 97.26 VA: 88 DI:92.68 QA: 98.44 

Work ex :10 months graduated in 2016 

X/XII/Grad: 91/91/59



VA-89 DI-88 QA-97 Overall-96.51 X/XII/BTECH-96/85.5/78.50 can i expect a call? When will be the shortlist released?

OA : 89.5

VA : 76

DILR : 93

QA : 89

10/12/grad : 94/83/80

2 years work ex.


Any chance for gd/pi call  for kashipur or any baby iims ?

Can I expect a call at 91%ile (nc obc) fresher X/XII/BTech 84/81/78

 OA = 98.26

VA = 94.50

DILR = 98.64

QA = 95.74

GEM, (87.60/79.40/82.9), 30 months of work ex. Need to know my chances.. please help  

 OA 80.91%ile All sectionals above 72. Engineer male. ncobc

Past acads- 10/12/BE 78.55/60/69.41

 work ex 6 months. Can I expect a call (new or baby) or should i start my prep for cat 2018?