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!!! CAP Calls Out !!!

The wait is now over, and IIM Kashipur congratulates you on your successful CAP conversion.

Best wishes for your interviews, and remember that We are here for you.
Prepare properly and be calm; you will succeed.

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I have got call from cap but I don’t have semester wise certificates what should I do?


Upload whatever you have uploaded while filling CAT 2021 form. Meanwhile ask for provisional mark-sheets from college.

I have 6 subjects in both my 10th and 12th class (CBSE) and I have filled the total marks of all the 6 subjects in my CAT application form. Do I have to follow the same in CAP form or go with what CGPA (including only 5 subjects out of 6), CBSE has awarded in class 10th. Similarly in the 12th class what total marks do I have to fill?
Please help.

You need to put whatever is there on the mark-sheet which will be the proof for both 10th and 12th

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I received a mail from Team Insite IIM Kashipur, congratulating me on my CAP shorlisting, But I didn’t get any kind of a mail regarding CAP 2022, not even in spam.

Hello sir,
I have 2021 dated NC OBC certificate with me right now, but I have applied for a new NC OBC certificate which I haven’t got yet. Can I upload the 2021 certificate for now and later produce the latest NC OBC certificate?

Yes, you can do that. Just make sure to arrange the latest one at the earliest

Thank you, sir

I have done dramatics at school level and college level. In the CAP form it seems they have interchanged extracurricular and co-curricular activity meanings. Under which one does dramatics come?

In the Work experience section, after saving my work ex details, the preview under Nature of work only shows little bit of what I’ve written and rest text is not visible after that. Is there an unspecified word limit for this?

It will come under extracurricular activities.

The data should be visible while you are filling the form. As your data got saved correctly without any warning, there is no issue.

I have my OBC certificate of 2015. I have applied for a latest one but it is unlikely to be prepared before 28th Jan. Can I upload the 2015 OBC certificate now and present the updated certificate later?

Yes you can upload, but make sure to arrange the latest one at the earliest

Can I get CAP mentorship program registration link?

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I have consolidated mark sheet of my btech it is detailed with semester wise record but i dont have semester wise marksheet with me right now .
Will the consolidated marksheet work?

As long as consolidated mark sheet contains the result of all semesters, it is good to go

Below attached is link for the same