[Official] IIM Kashipur Admission Queries and Discussion 2022-24

whats wrong. why there is no update. If there is no vacancy then please tell us. Many students are waiting in hope and because of update from the management many students are totally getting demotivated. This is totally unacceptable.


Looks like the admission is closed for the year

Atleast they should have to inform us once.

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Will there be any list coming or not ?
Could you please inform us once.


Please tell us can we expect any further movement in the wait list ?


List is not coming today. College will intimate us when the list will come. Also admission is not closed yet.

We understand the issues you are facing but you also need to understand that if students are not withdrawing from college, then how can college issue new list?

Please understand we are just mediators between aspirants and college administration.
Also, when will the list come cannot be stated as a fixed date. College also don’t know when will students withdraw.

Please reach out to us directly if you have any further issue.


Any chance of further lists before 25th june?

Highly irresponsible and irrational attitude by the IIM Kashipur staff. Chances of foul play being done by the institute can’t be ruled out. Mark my word, these people will release the subsequent wait list after students have already joined in other institutes, so that theses can adjust people with whom they appear to have some kind of relationship.
Highly frustrating when we compare the results with other IIM’s who already have released atleast 6-7 lists.
Best part is no one appears to pick up the phone when you call at the numbers given on the website.
I hope there is an enquiry done in the matter of how this year the results are being handled by IIM Kashipur.


I wanted to ask if we can expect any movement and if yes then till when will a new list come?

Hey Everyone,

This is regarding the waitlist movement of IIM Kashipur. As of now there have been only 2 lists and owing to non availability of seats there has been considerable delay in the 3rd waitlist announcement.

However, owing to commencement of course in many colleges in the next few days, there might be some movement in MBA Analytics course.

However in the MBA program, the chances of movement are very narrow as all seats are full. Hence it is completely dependent on withdrawal of current enrolled candidates.

In both the programs, however, a heavy movement is not expected and also there might be no movement at all, if withdrawal by currently enrolled students does not occur and no space is created.


Ok thank you for clarifying doubts

Your speculation is proved true by iim kashipur staff by starting spot round even when there is almost a week left for registration.

Dear All,

Please don’t spread fake information. There is no spot round kind of thing in IIM Kashipur. We are highly regulated institute by various government stakeholders.

Don’t try to mislead people on public platform without any solid proof.

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Dear All,
The 3rd list of the MBA Analytics is out. Please check your portals for the confirmation.
There is only movement in general category by 41.
Last date to accept the offer with fee payment is June 28, 2022.
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