[Official] IIM Kashipur Admission Queries and Discussion 2022-24

Will kashipur release any list today?

No list today. We will notify when it will come.

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I had paid the initial amount for the MBA course at IIM kashipur.
When is the last date for paying the balance fee amount?

Hello Admissions Team
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I got to know from a few friends who have converted Kashipur that the institute hasn’t asked for 1st term fees and also the final date for withdrawal is also not announced. If this is not done, then how can we expect any movement in the Waitlist. For those of us who are in the WL, the process is getting very frustrating. We request the admissions committee and the college to please speed up the process.


You will get a mail from college about all the details.
Please fill out the google form to get added to the official WhatsApp group of converts.
Link: https://forms.gle/8SWznaVPwBFzuT6h9

College needs to give converts appropriate time for loan process and financial arrangements for term 1 fee payment. WL movement also depends on other institute’s WL movement and not totally on last date for withdrawal.
Please be patient and keep a tab on website, mail.

When can we expect the next WL?


When is the next waiting list coming?

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Hello, please guide me on this.
During the online registration process, we have to fill out an anti-ragging form by student and parents (annexure - Vl). But in the end there is space left for the oath commissioner to verify. Who can be an oath commissioner? As there is nothing mentioned regarding this in the registration requirements.

Any update in the admissions?

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what is the update about the addmission. are admissions closed or more lists will be released?

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did you get the admission offer?

@adityakodte, any list today?

Any update regarding next waitlist date?


Can you please guide regarding the withdrawal process?

To whom should I mail the withdrawal intimation?

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You can withdraw from your admission portal.

There is no intimation for the wait list yet. We will post about the same here after update from administration.

It’s been a month now when the last waitlist has come, you people didn’t have any info about whether the further movement will happen or not. What kind of Admission team you are part you? I hope you are understanding how much stress the students have to go through when they didn’t have any idea whether they should wait or leave the expectations from Kashipur. You people are not bothered even about the mental wellbeing of the students.


Hello Team
Can we expect some movement in Kashipur today?