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The long haul has finally ended as the ๐—–๐—”๐—ง ๐Ÿฎ๐Ÿฌ๐Ÿญ๐Ÿต results are out.ย 

Congratulations to all the aspirants clearing the first hurdle of their path with flying colors.

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Overall percentile -95.61 Verbal -82 Qa-96 Lrdi-97 Work ex -26+ in banking Acads-73/85/63 General non engineer (commerce) Any chance of getting a call?


Guys here I am also one of the candidates as you people, this is my second time i have given cat. I am seeing people over here sharing their cat score profile etc. But to make this process much more standardized I made a Google sheet, where you people can upload your scores /profile. This will help understand us who are getting calls and final convert.

You people can also ย fill form without ย phone no.ย 

Having percentile 96.48, acad 10CGPA in 10th,91 in 12th,90 in B Tech work ex 6 months as on 31.12.19, what are chances for kashipur General Female

Is the IIM Kashipur shortlist out? If not, by when will it be out?

CAT OA-74.16 VA/LR/QA- 32.58/78.59/88.62 CATEGORY-SC (male) any chances of call?


CAT 19 OA-87.91 VA-91.26 LR/DI-83.48 QA-80.83 X-9.2/10 XII-78% B.Tech-8.6/10 ย Female-General ย Can i expect a call?ย ย  ย 



Overall percentile: 96.63 With all the sectional cutoffs cleared

My academics are 88/73/76

General Category/ Female/ Non- tech backgroud

Can I expect a call from the college ?

Thanks in advance for the input.

Guys I have 83 percentile in cat sectionals 70+ย 


10th 72.2 ย 12th 76.6 ย Btech 68.6

Work ex 1.6 yearsย  What are my chances to convert? Pls help

ย What was the intake for last year and going to be this year? ย 

Cat Percentile 56, ST




Work experience- 18 months.

What are my chances?


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What are my chances of converting IIM's call?

Varc - 82.81

DI - 92.97

quants - 88.18

OA- 90.24

10- 91.2

12- 81.8

BE- 83

Male and OBC-NC

No Work Ex..

What are the total number of seats this time around?

ย CAT OA: 91.3 81/97/85(VA/DI/QA)..GEF...acads...80/83/75 (10/12/engg) 33 months experience...GEF...what are the chances? ย 

Any Idea when will the CAP results be out

Hi there, GEM Cat ov- 93.51 varc 83.45 dilr 95.45 qa 93.41 X-9.4 XII- 82.4 UG- 74.6 EXP- 8 MONTHS ANY CHANCES IN ANY IIM

percentile 96.6

VA 90

qa 98

dilr 90

10th 72.2

12th 74.2

grad 6.9

General engineer male.

What are my chance of getting a call and converting given low acads

ย OA- 93.82 withVARC- 89.96, LRDI- 91 and Quant- 94 %ile. General/Engineer/Female. Chances of getting shortlisted for WAT/PI? Also 24 months work ex.ย