[Official] IIM-Indore PGP 2020-22 [Shortlisted for WAT/PI] Discussion


Official thread for discussing all questions for IIM Indore WAT/PI Call Getters. Managed by Media and PR Committee, IIM Indore.

Also, We have created a Facebook group for the shortlisted candidates of 2020-22 batch:

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To join this group, you need to send a request on the group and message any of the Admins with a screenshot of your selection message/Call letter. Please note that sending the screenshot is necessary for adding only legitimate candidates. All the best!


I'm reqd to upload consolidated marksheet and my degree certificate. But I haven't completed my bachelors yet. Should I just get all of my marksheets and the final year certificate in one pdf and submit?

Hi,in the work related documents what all should i upload

Offer Letter or Payslip?

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We're now a #TripleCrown B-School! We're happy to share that we've received the #EQUIS Accreditation and now we're a Triple Crown B School, the second IIM in the nation with all the three prestigious international accreditation- AMBA, AACSB and EQUIS! 


Till which date do I need to consider the work-ex.?

Also, Is there any word limit for achievements and career plans section.

Please help.

Thanks in Advance.

I had submitted the form but I wanted clarity in 2 aspects:

1. How do I know if all the documents I uploaded were recieved at your end as in the review form tab there is no status being displayed of the documents uploaded.

2. While typing in the job responsibility in the work ex tab, a part of the content seems to have been erased due to a word limit. I have consciously used less than 50 words and there was no prescribed word limit. Further in the field for filling, the whole content was visible even after typing.

i have just recently joined a job (3 weeks ago) so i don't have any payslips yet. What do I show as work-ex proof? I know it won't matter for work-ex points or anything but even if i say in the interview that I'm employed, they must need some proof that I actually joined a company. Please help.

I knw this is a but early to ask, but since I have to plan dome of my dates of March end week, I wanted to know, what were the darte slots of IIM WAT and PI last year? Thankyou.

We have been given CGPA in 10th and there is no conversion factor available. In the CAT form I have filled it as CGPA*10 as mentioned in the guidelines. Should I fill the same in the IIM Indore Application as well? Or is there any other method.

Hi! Can someone confirm till which date do we have to consider work experience?

I am in my final year of engineering, so I do not have my degree certificate, what should I do in this case? Also, we have semester wise gradesheets, do I have to submit all the gradesheets or just the last semester one which indicates my OGPA?

Is the website down?

I am not able to login.

Whats is the word limit for these questions?

1. Job Responsibilities?

2.  Indicate the scholastic awards or scholarships conferred on you (if applicable). Also give details about your accomplishments, awards received and position held in sports, and a brief description of your hobbies ?* 

3.  Why you wish to pursue the education in management and what is your career plan(s)?* 

What proofs are needed for Work Experience ? will Reliving letter or experience will do ??

Respected admins can you tell me in what format I shouid write about extra curricular acitivities and acedmic accomplishments?

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Hello guys this is a query regarding IIM Indore form. What documents should be uploaded in work ex section. Also how many words should be filled in the job responsibilities section

 I am currently a final year student ( third year ) so in aggregate percentage column of graduation should I write till second year ( as per cat data ) or uptill 5th-semester aggregate ( since result of 5th semester has come few days back )