[Official] IIM Calcutta 2017-19 Admission Queries

Hey folks! Greetings from the External Relations Cell, IIM Calcutta. 

 Please post your admission related queries here and we'll get back to you.


By when will the WAT/PI shortlist be released?





Cat- Nc-obc

10th- 89.57

12th- 85.08

Grad- 73.50

Exp- 14

Gender- male 

Any chance of getting a call? Can you give last year minimum cutoff for NC-OBC !!!

verbal 78.83 dilr 98.43 quant 96.29 overall cat percentile 96.1 10nth 71% 12th 81% category pwd not a call from iim a or b What chances do i have ??



Results for WAT/PI have been announced.

Check results >> https://iimcal.ac.in/check-results/shortlisting-for-pgppgdm-batch-201719

Shortlisting Criteria >> https://iimcal.ac.in/programs/pgp/admission/admission-policy/admission-procedure-for-domestic-candidates

Link tot the IIM C interview form. Not able to locate it.

CAT - 99.13

Verbal - 85.87

LRDI - 99.89

QA  - 97.81

X - 92.46

XII - 88.67

Grad - 80.43

CA with 1.5yrs Work ex

Not shortlisted - Can anyone help me understand why?

when are the inerviews generally held in delhi ? Does anyone have any idea ?

Can anyone plz tell me what is the weightage given to CAT percentile for shortlisting for GD PI?? Also what is the weightage of graduation percentage??

is the website crashed?

Hi All, Can anyone let us know how many calls does iim c send for wat pi?? I mean the ratio in which the students are called!

Hello all. 

We have sent out a mail to all the shortlisted candidates for the mentorship program. Please make the best use of the opportunity.

- @sheena13 and Vamsi

External Relations Secretaries of IIM Calcutta

Has IIM Calcutta issued the list of shortlisted candidates?

When can we expect gdpi to start..dates?

A few people from the shortlisted candidates have not received the mails from us due to a technical glitch. We'll send out mails to them as soon as possible. Please get back to us if you don't get a mail by 9AM tomorrow.

Also, the shortlist information on the website is proof enough for getting an interview call. The mail we send is only for helping you out with the mentorship program. Hence, we request you not to panic :)

Thanks for bearing with us. 

Can anyone tell me the lowest percentile for General Candidate who got IIM C's Call??

99.59,10-12>80, still not shortlisted. IIM have such shitty criteria

What will be the details that are to be filled in pi form regarding family income etc? And what are the docs that are needed to be uploaded  at the time of pi application form? As I am not in my home town ,so need to arrange these. @Everest17 Please help

Can someone give the link for PI application form?