[OFFICIAL] IIM Bodh Gaya PGDM 2018-20 Admission Queries

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As all of you are done with CAT '17 and are eagerly waiting for the results, follow this thread for updates or any queries which will ease your journey to your dream IIM. We are open for any meaningful and relevant discussions.


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What was the least cat score for obc NCL category candidate who converted ( means get admission) IIM Bodh gaya last year.

IIM Bodh Gaya Admission policy published on the official website. Follow this link http://iimbg.ac.in/admission

Having a non techo background with 9.8CGPA in 10th ,87.4 in 12th and 8.9 CGPA in Grad along with Master's in Environment Management ,I belong to OBC-NC ,wats the chances of getting a call?from both gaya?

  Hi, with 97(96,89,96) percentile and 97/97/74in acads,GEM,18 months workex can I expect a call? 

CAT 94.57 ( VARC 85, LRDI 85, QA 98.0) 10/12/Grad 90/84/86 Work ex - 20 months As marine engineer?Bsc. Chances


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Congratulations on your CAT results!!!

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Oa:85.4 (92/77/77). 92/88/84 (X/XII/Btech).. NC-OBC.....work ex.- 13 months.   Chances of getting calls ?....kindly suggest .. really confused!!

Sir, plz anyone give me details what are the documents required for work experience. I have not collected letter from office till now. Plz tell me about all the relevant documents required.

@admin what was the cutoff for EML call last year for GEM?

 OA-78.19 QA-81.78 DILR-84.18 VARC-63.07 10-89 12-93 Graduation[Bsc(hons.)Physics]-74 category -obc    ....any chance of a call? 

CAT 94.57 ( VARC 85, LRDI 85, QA 98.0) 10/12/Grad 90/84/86 Work ex - 20 months As marine engineer. General/male..Bsc. Chances

I got OA- 76.60

Quant- 84.73








NC-OBC Male candidate




Work exp- 2yrs(as of Jan-18)

Chances plz? 




10th - 85.6

12th - 78.16 %

Graduation - 76%

Overall - 89.92

Quant - 90.98

LRDI - 89.94

VARC - 78.04

Workex - 18 months in Infosys (Developer)

Don't have good acads, but have good extra curriculars 

P.S - Unexpected percentile (Slot 2 victim) 😂 

Any hope of call ?

[GEM] CAT OA-92.52%(VA-91,DILR-81,QA-91) 10th-93.43% 12th-79.17%(State Board) Btech-76% Work Ex. - 37 Months (As per CAT form) What are my chances of call?

OA CAT PERCENTILE - 81.05 ( NC-OBC) [ VA-74, DILR-84, QA- 79] X- 88%, XII-78%, B.E- 80% (WILL PASSED OUT IN 2018) .... MALE.. FRESHER..   WHAT ARE MY CHANCES?

With an overall percentile of 92, and all sections over 80, is there a possibility of being shortlisted for further rounds for IIM BG? 

I understand that final selection is not even a distant eventuality.

10/12/grad 85/62/64.  No work ex either. 

OBC-NC  OA 82.78 VA 79.34 DI 73.61 QA 84.93 Work ex 34 months 10/12/Grad  86.57/79/70.47 Any chance of getting a call?

OBC OA 87.7 VA/QA/DI 96/60/90 work exp- 15 months 10/12/BE - 92/89/70 .what are my chances??