[Official] IIM Bangalore 2022-24 Admission Queries

To resolve queries regarding the interview process and admission to the 49th Post Graduate Programme in Management (2022-24) and 3rd Post Graduate Programme in Business Analytics (2022-24) at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.

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Any restriction of reference …like with in three years…etc…

When will PGP-BA phase 2 calls be out?


Trust all are doing well
Can you please tell us when will the mentors be assigned ?

My references are not getting any emails from the system to post their references, kindly help.

My references didn’t receive any email for LOR even after 24hrs of sending the link, got them to check the spam folder as well. Please help.

Hi @amritsahu, @Divyanshk please send an email to the IIM Bangalore admission’ committee at: [email protected]. That should resolve the matter.


Hey, the criterion for shortlisting is up to the AdComm and the applications received. Unfortunately I can not comment on it.

@llawliet1 The PGPBA PI shortlists are out, now. The news about the increase in PGPBA batch size is more-or-less hearsay entirely, these have been running around since last year but the batch size was capped at ~45 then. Can’t comment really on whether they’ll bump it up

Are there any probable topics that we should focus on for WAT this year? Any topics or references should be helpful. What kind of topics does IIM B focus on, as in which fields/areas?

When we can expect result for final admission list of iim Bangalore. Is it the same as per the last year or can we expect it in mid April like the pre COVID years.

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Hello @iimb.smc,

Any idea on when we can expect the result would help.

Could you provide a rough range of by when we could receive the result. I understand that the range you mention would be tentative and not set in stone.

Thank You,

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Generally all results are between 09th to 18th may except FMS… First will be IIMB…best Wishes…

Hi, any update on the result dates for pgp?


Hi! What was the waitlist movement for EWS for PGPBA last year?

Got a General category WL 20 for PGP. What are my chances?

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IIM B waitlist 10 SC category. Any hope?

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Those , who have received the offer from iim bangalore , what is the last date to accept it or reject it ?

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