[OFFICIAL] IIM Ahmedabad Admission Queries 2023-2025

To address the queries regarding the admission process in IIM Ahmedabad

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Any idea about the FCS cutoff for General category?

Any whatsap groups?

How many candidates are called for one slot?

Can someone share interview experiences of PGP 2019-21 admissions interviews?

Thanks in advance.

I would be awesome if people with 2-4 years of workex in IT can post their experiences.


Please join this for sharing PI exp. (IIM-L) or Issues related to it..

Doing this because of word restriction policy here in pagalguy.. any issue comment down below.. spread the qr code..

When will the merit list be out? any clue?

When does IIMA semester usually start?

Any idea about last interview date for pgp 19-21; and result date for final selections

kindly indicate your interview and wat date for iim  ahmedabad pgp 2019-21 here

  • after 7 apr 2019
  • 17 mar - 24 mar 2019
  • 1 apr - 7 apr 2019
  • 25 mar - 31 mar 2019

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best among the following for finance specialisation

  • iim ahmedabad
  • fms
  • spjimr
  • xlri
  • iim lucknow
  • iim calcutta
  • iim bangalore

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Good luck for the result, guys! If anybody is facing any problems or wants to share his/her experience, please write to me at [email protected] I'm a PGP1 student at IIM Ahmedabad (recently got the survivors t-shirt). Contact for any help, especially the non-engineers. Relatively free for a couple of days.

Hi all. I am currently a student in IIM Calcutta and my work involves providing mentorship material to shortlisted candidates. I severly felt the lack of a consolidated collection of latest GD/PI Experiences of people. My aim is to collate the same for all colleges and make it available to everyone for free next year. Your contribution can help future aspirants convert their calls. Please share your interview experience in the form below. You can either upload a file containing all your interview experiences or you can fill the form sharing a specific PI. I know this is a long term plan but I hope it can be something which can help everyone. https://goo.gl/forms/Erf2afOT1p7MswSy2 

When can we expect IIMA final result?

Have PI/AWT rounds for IIM Ahmedabad been completed?

final results date ??

Hi, I just called up IIM A’s admission office and I was told that the results will be announced “around the 12th.” In case you want to verify this, the number I called was 07966324633




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