[Official] IIFT 2014-16 MBA(IB) Discussion

FAQ* **Last year’s cut-off(not official, only indicative)general arnd 50OBC arnd 46Please keep in mind this changes each year with difficulty levelSectional Cut-Offs*QA 6GK 1.667LR & DI 8.917VA 7 * **IIFT Help…


Last year's cut-off(not official, only indicative)

general arnd 50

OBC arnd 46

Please keep in mind this changes each year with difficulty level

Sectional Cut-Offs

QA 6

GK 1.667

LR & DI 8.917

VA 7


IIFT Helpline (7pm-10pm)

Mudrika 9899921334

Ishan 9560352333

@ishan.iift any tips to crack IIFT exam?

Guyzz.. help me with this query... i completed my btech course in 2010... but i had arrears for which i took one additional year to clear... but i got employed in 2010 itself before gettin passed,but aftr completing the course... so what shud b my work ex?.. from 2010 onwards or aftr passing out ...

wots the sec and overall cut off for sc category in IIFT??

@ishan.iift Hi Sir, I had a query. I have applied and paid online. Now all that remains is sending the form to IIFT. A delay in sending the form wouldn't cost me my choice of test center, would it ?? Delay as in lets say last few days of receipt of application..

this is some material I had, but don't just go buy it. Prepare well for all the exams and get iift mocks book or test series for IIFT specific mocks. first thing is to get all your basics right.

is this degree equivalent to PGDM offered by iims ?

@ishan.iift ,Hi the printout form should be color or black and white.plz reply

hi.. i had a doubt..

i wanted to kno whether MBA(IB) is a trade ? i mean like HR, Marketing etc... can anyone please explain me the concept.. i am new to this field...
@ishan.iift Hi sir, Could u Explain what exactly constitutes Foreign Trade.. Usually We hear only terms like HR, Systems, Finance, Marketing etc.. A little more info on this would be appreciated..

@ishan.iift : is there sectional cutoff this year? last year ter was sectional cut off ! suggest me sum gud gk books for iift! and mock series book

Hi guys, I had just filled the form online and the print out copy of the form does not the show the Bank name, as far as what I can see in the sample form the bank name appears by itself or is it that we need to fill it???

While filling the form we are asked about our campus preference. What should we choose ? Delhi or Kolkata? Which is better?


After filling the IIFT form i have not received a mailer regarding confirmation of the application. Has someone else faced the same issue?

@ishan.iift Hi!! I have a query regarding work-ex. Its like I am into my family business since last 10 months. I wanted to know if it is considered as work-ex or not. Plz reply!

I am a final year student and IIFT mentions that the requisite proof should be provided to them within 7th Oct, 2014. What proof are they talking about and how is one supposed to send it? Or will this step be updated later?

They have asked to send 2 adhesive stickers alongwith the form...In the sample they have shown handwritten stickers...Is it fine if I use printed stickers instead..?

I request someone to plz explain this sticky business :P...as i have some amount of confusion about it..

Plz explain the adhesive stickers that are required to be sent alongwith the form...

Do we just need to place those in the cover in which we send the form..? And do they have to be handwritten only(like the ones in the sample) or is it fine if they are printed..
@ishan.iift Hello sir.The photo we have to upload must be of 200 dpi or a 96 dpi photo will do?