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IFIM Business School

IFIM Business School is ranked one of the top 6 business schools in Bangalore and was established in 1995. It has also been awarded by the AACSB accreditation and is also recognized by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) and South Asian Quality Assurance System (SAQS). It is also regarded as the fastest Business School to complete 100% placements in 2018. IFIM is oriented with best-experienced faculties along with a global connection with the renowned business schools

• Name of the Program: Post Graduate Diploma in Management

• Duration: 2-years

• Mode of Education : Full-time residential

• Acceptable Test: XAT/ CAT/GMAT (PGDM) Ph.D.: VRAT


• The candidates should have a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized University with 50% of marks for all the subjects taken together. However, for candidates belonging to SC/ST category, it is 45%

• They should also have qualified CAT, XAT or GMAT. Also, Candidates who have cleared CFA level 1 will be given more preference for PGDM (Finance specialization)



The candidates will have to visit the official website and fill up the application form. The shortlisted candidates will be informed via mail. The deadlines and the date for the selection process for different cities are given below:

• Delhi: 18th January 2020

• Bhubaneshwar: 24th January 2020

• Kolkata: 25th January 2020

• Hyderabad: 1st February 2020

• Mumbai: 2nd February 2020

Course Fees:

• Total fees for Indian students is 16,00,000/-

• Total fees for Foreign students is USD 28,000

Placement details

• Highest CTC : 16,64000 Lakhs per annum

• Average CTC: 7,50,000 Lakhs per annum

Hello ,

Can any one let me know about the b school IFIM banglore in electronic city. I have got a call letter from them. Do any one has any idea about this college? and also which is best ifim or iba....
Please help


HEy Dude,,,,

I even got into IFIm,,,Into PGDM-IB,,,
Well i have done lots of groundwork and research on this colllege n its background,placements...
well i m going to say what i have seen n been told,,,,
this is a 12 years old college and its situated into elec city,,a golden place in bangalore with full of IT companies but the placement scenario as been told by their students is diffrent....some says its 100% some luaghs on hearing this word" placements" well for IB 2007-09 batch is still going on and till now they dont have any ideas about placements,,ther r busy in their abroad trip currently,,,,Moreover,,,,they says tht this college has attianed 100% placements till now so might be they can do for IB....
On consultaion with Deans they told tht U have to very bold To take the risk,,,,,But GUys believe me no one wants to take risk of 2 years....becoz we r investing around 6.5 lakhs,,,,here..so Personally i m not going to take into this college,,,becoz i m not at all satisfied with the deans views of Taking risk,,,n students laugh on hearing this word "placements".
Deans even dont know whether placements will have to be done for this PGDM-IB or not,,,,they r telling there r lots of jobs in market so u will one or the other...Means in my words u have to roam with ur degree to consultancies after finishing ur MBA....
Well this is my personal thinkings,,,,n my own research,,,,
So now it all depends on u,,,if u get some more ideas or if u feel tht i m wrong on any of my part please let me know,,,,,
waiting for ur views...

Is it worth it??

I got admission ter for PGDM programme.I asked some students ter about placements.Some say 2.5 lakhs per annum others 3.But dean said 4 lakhs.Fees is 6 lakhs and average only 3 is not at all worth.Tats why i decided not to join ter.

IFIM, Bangalore aspirants:


I have recieved a very negative feedback regarding the institute, having just talked to a current student telephonically.


For those selected, & yet to pay the first installment of fees for IFIM, please PM me before you make that payment. This concerns your careers, & the high amount of fees to be paid there...

hey can i know is that negative feedback u have got .... i am going to apply to that coll ... so can u pls tel me wat is that

manoj8199 Says
hey can i know is that negative feedback u have got .... i am going to apply to that coll ... so can u pls tel me wat is that

You're welcome to apply...

Pm Sent.

plz send the pm to me as well as i am planning to attend the interview on this 6th

I may miss posts on this thread. Please PM me your request directly, instead of posting here. Thanks.

hey, please PM me also..even i'm looking forward to join ifim. so, this might help me..plz.

You're welcome to apply...

I will send you a PM-- details in 30 minutes from now, so you can check your PM inbox later, around 10.00 PM.

hey, send me a PM too...am too willing to join it...

OK puys, some real hard facts about IFIM-Bangalore. The first list of selected candidates from the first round of January-2009 admissions was put up on their web: ifimbschool.com around 2nd February, 2009. The list contained names of 215 selected puys (PGDM- 120 seats, IB-60 seats, total-180 seats), who were required to pay up the first installment of 1 lac tution +30000 Hostel fees by 18-2-2009. Waitlist for the first round was upped on the site around 23rd, Feb, '09, containing 57 names (All admissions on first come, first serve basis). These puys had a submission deadline till about 3rd March, '09. Second round of GDs started from bangalore (Last weekend, 6-7th march), for which another list of candidates has been put up today morning, containing 108 names here:

:: Welcome to IFIM ::

These chaps have a submission deadline of 25th March, 2009.

(Please Note: The previous 2 lists of candidates have been removed from the site, & replaced by the third list today morning, I have both previous lists of candidates in MS-Word format on my PC). No fooling around with me... I wanted to warn puys against IFIM, so I saved the previous lists, in fact, I've been tracking IFIM site since early January 2009, checking for these developments. This was done particularly after reading the first 4-5 posts of this thread.. I wanted to verify the authenticity of facts cited by last year's selectees here.

OK, coming back to the crux of the matter.. can you deduce any anomaly in para 1 here?...

I said that there are 120 PGDM +60 IB total 180 seats.. how many calls, waitlists, & then again calls (Round 2) are there in all? 215+57+108= 380 calls in all for 180 seats till date, we still have Gds left in Delhi & Calcutta this coming weekend to go..so another selection list will come up in a week's time from now. What do you see from these facts above.. A high rate of attrition, or shall I say dropout/refusal to join/unwillingless to join IFIM?

It proves the authencity of facts as cited by last year's puys, read posts 1-5 at least, placements are worthless at IFIM, this was corroborated by the PM I sent to interested puys here, citing my conversation with some folks of the current batch & alumni at IFIM- Bangalore.

This is a last word of advice to puys going for this weekend's Gds for IFIM. Final decision is yours.. as the career is all yours after all..

All the best.

Hey guys, I'm joinig IFIM, anyone else join? do reply, so that we can chat, what say doods?

Hey Pls send me a PM

roopa_raju5 Says
hey, please PM me also..even i'm looking forward to join ifim. so, this might help me..plz.

hi guys

I have received offer letter from IPE-Hyderabad.Can anyone please tell me about this college? Hw much is the package & is it worth studyin here.Need a urgent reply.Plssssssssss

i have mat score 82.49..Please tell me the colleges i can likely apply in south india..Please tell me soon...

i am going to apply here...please tell me whatever u know about the clg

brown Says
Hey guys, I'm joinig IFIM, anyone else join? do reply, so that we can chat, what say doods?

whats u r email id

hey send me one pm...regarding IFIM Bangalore....needed urgently....not sure whether to go for it or not???? any idea??? is it worth joining???
my mail id is [email protected]