official fore gd/pi list out...2009

u can check list at congrtz to all call getters… :: lets discus ourr rslts here…

u can check list at

congrtz to all call getters....
lets discus ourr rslts here...

got a pgd call...didnt applied for (ibm)...

got the first call of the season....
congratz to all call getterz:clap:...lets discuss about the gd pi

please put up the polls

my first call wrt CAT!!!!!!!!!!!


Sahil_1606 Says
please put up the polls

wht sort of poll u want..???
for marks of shrtlistd puys....?? plz suggst the optn for %ile range as wel...

not shortlisted at 90.47!!

can anyone tell me wht is the cut-off this time?

Gt no cal at 90.83% ....guess the cut-off has gone up to 91%


Hello Puys,

I request you all to please post yourCAT %ile along with the course (PGDM/IB),so that we may have rough idea about cut off.

also lets get started for the GD/PI prep.

Does anyone have any idea about further rounds..Like ll it be case study/GD ? also whats the weigtage given to CAT Score ?

got shortlisted... my first call of the season

I think the cutoff is 90.5 or 91.... definitely more than 90

pgdm at 98%..........not applied to ib,,,

catanju Says
can anyone tell me wht is the cut-off this time?

dont knw abt cut off...
but i got a call(pgd)
qa 92.78
di 87.92
va 75.13

oa 91.18

i thnk m very mch on the lower boundry...
also they do consider sectnl cut offs (arnd 60 %ile i guess..)

first call of the season. But gotta call for IB only
CAT %ile - 90.10

2.5 years of work ex
decent acads and ECAs.

Hey guys...not for PGDM, but IN for IB
Congrats to all first timers....

Got a call(my first b skool call)happy 4 now, but the real task lies ahead..................CONVERTING IT :detective:
cat 97.77
va 87.46
qa 95.52
di 98.66

Hello guys ,
finally calls are making their way to us :)
got a call
CAT 08 - 97.17%ile

Weightage assigned to various components is as follows

CAT - 45%
GD/PI - 30%
Acads + workex - 25%

congratulations to the call getters
best of luck to the rest

Got a Call Finally

45% for cat
30% for gdpi
25% for acads:death: