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what will be CAT cut off for OBC ?

sectional cutoffs?

NC OBC Oa- 90.99 VA/lr/Qa- 76/69/98 X/xii/b.tech- 84/83/76 Work ex- 6 months Any chance?


OA : 97.11 (89/63/99)

Acads : 86/93/8.1

chances of a call?



 Gen X/xii/grad/cat -84/85/74/87.55 Work Exp 30 Months Full Time

Chance of getting call and Chances of convert

Be ready for these con artists to dish out "Fair Chance" and "good chance" in lots(and what's the difference between a good and a fair chance anyway!?).

Afterall, someone's got to pay for their annual events. The exorbitant price tag of 5k for just applying to IIT D and M seems legit when a guy from their adcom says that a person has a "Fair Chance" or "Good Chance", but the trickery doesn't end there. They tell you that, "Some people are dissuading potential students from applying so as to increase their own chances!". Anyway, I can't blame anyone because I'd fallen in their trap last year. I'm here just to remind a bunch of GEM's with 90-96%ile that they do not, I repeat, they do not(except for that one odd guy) stand a chance of getting an admission in both IIT D or IIT M.

People above this range can happily apply. I'd give credit to the institutes and their faculty but their adcoms are misleading alot of students and in turn maligning the name of their institute. I'll not be surprised if in the coming years, due to these malpractises, the reputation of these prestigious institutes is severly hampered.

OA-94.25 VA-95.65 LR-86.86 QA-89.xx GEM Fresher X/XII/B.TECH - 89/90.6/93.84 Any chance of getting a call? Plz help!

Profile as below: 10th- 95 state board 12th- 96 state board B.tech CGPA - 8.32 Cat oa :94.47 Female general engineer Work experience: 2 years 8 months as of Dec 2018 in a product company. Please let me know chances of getting a call. Thanks in advance


CAT - 91.2

Acads - 

12th 90.2

10th 89.3

Engg 87

Work ex - 1.5yrs

Also, GEM. Should I apply?

94.5 how feasible is IIT Madras. General

Cat percentile 91.56 Va 81.72 Dilr 81.12 Qa 96.44 X 95% XII 92.2% BE(CE) 80.3% WORK EXPERIENCE 12 months What are the chances of getting a call? Should i apply?


CAT OA - 92.3% (81/92/94)

10th - 94.4%

12th - 90.2%

College - 9.6 CGPA

Workex - 36 months


What are the chances of a call from IIT Madras and chances of conversion if any?

what was the cutoff for a general non engineer last year?

 SC male  VA- 47.74/ DILR - 78.43/ Quant-87.08 Overall percentile 72.23  10/12/BTech - 8.8 /81.06 /80.12. Wrk EX- 24 months  Any chances? Thanks. 

Are there any sectional cutoffs? What was the cut off for last year?

The admission portal for MBA 2019 - 2021 at DoMS IIT Madras is online. Kindly follow the link to apply! https://doms.iitm.ac.in/admission/



 Gen(Male) X/xii/grad/cat -85.11/77.78/85.09/93.77 Work Exp 53 Months Full Time

Chance of getting call and Chances of convert

hello all..cat 95.26 oa all sectionals>90 % 10th:91 12th:71 btech:64 2 yrs exp should i apply for iit madras? chances of conversion?

GEM Candidate : CAT OA : 92.86 percentile X : 92.3 % XII : 86.3 % B.Tech 8.64 GPA Work ex : 36 months. Any chances of getting a call/conversion ??