[OFFICIAL] CL Proc Mock - 9 2013-14 Scores and Discussions (Please DONOT open if you have not taken the test)

CL Proc Mock 9 Season 2013 Discussion Thread Test Window: Proctored( 13 Sept 2013- 22 Sept 2013)Unproctored (23rd Sept - 25th Sept 2013) ATB!!! :mg: :thumbsup:

CL Proc Mock 9 Season 2013 Discussion Thread

Test Window: Proctored( 13 Sept 2013- 22 Sept 2013)

Unproctored (23rd Sept - 25th Sept 2013)

ATB!!! mg👍


quant 16 a 11 c 28
va 23 a 15 c 37
overall 65 ....did find it very tough ,,,,

SEC I 13C 3W 36
SEC II 15C 9W 36
OA 28C 12W 72

QA covered all topics with almost equal weightage (ofcourse 5 from geo) easy to moderately difficult..
One calculation intensive DI, one 4 set venn diagram and another easy set....

wasted lot of time on 4 set venn diagram.... After last year's CAT, solved few q's of this type and seemed comfortable in doing those .... donno what happened today..😠

and as usual very slow in SEC I...need to practise....

SEC I was pretty much like 2012 cat paper (atleast mine)

VA was fine...
Coming to RC, 1 easy 1 easy/mod diff and 1 diff
LR was easy/moderately difficult.... all 3 were easily solvable under exam conditions....

Very balanced SEC II

100-120 will be a good score.....

Section 1- 18 C 2W - 52

Section 2-16C 7W-41
OA 34C 9W-93

I felt like this exam was almost a real CAT exam.Neither too easy nor too difficult. A balanced paper in which question selecting ability was tested in qa/di. Judicious selection will fetch very good marks.
But yeah va again was a disaster for me.

Section 1 31

Section 2 51
OA 82
I m not able to conc. while givin mocks.....only attempted quant ques....and the time was up......i am getting very nervous in quant.....and QA is my strength.....got 96%ile in section1 in last CAT....but this time its very different....some1 plz help..how to get going in quant.....😟😠

QA: 18A 17C 1W 50
VA: 25A 17C 8W 43
OA 93
This was in my opinion the best paper of the season in terms of the level of difficulty.. A good mix of questions.. But still a disastrous VA in spite of trying hard to reduce the negatives...

QA: 23A 20C 3W -- 57
VA: 26A 16C 10W --38
OA 95

QA : 7C 5W 16embarrased
VA : 16C 5W 43😠
OA : 23C 10W 59😠😠😠

QA continues to be my bane!!!!embarrased Disaapointed

Nyc mock.... One of the tufer ones which force u to think in each and every question..Very few sitters...:)

Got so exhausted in the last 10 mins of section 1 that i cudnt answer even a single question in the same.... Could have scored 10-15 more marks in Section 1 I felt.....

The RC's were of the sorts one would expect in a very tough CAT slot..... PCs, PJs were good......LR was also CAT-alike....

Nevertheless......lesson learnt.....keep ur calm..... 😃

QADI: 46 (18C 16C)
VALR: 54 (30A 21C)
OA: 100 (48A 37C)

quant 27 va 43 oa 70

i dont know what has gotten into me , i scored 98.98 , 97.x and 96.5 in quant in mock 5,6, and 7, dont know where i am going wrong since last 2 mocks 😞 😞

QA 41
VA 40
OA 81
yar yeh wala mock kafi tough laga.... QA me kuch problms kafi tagra tha.... but found the paper smooth.... har ek qtn me sochna par raha tha ... formula ratta mar ke nahi hoga yeh wala

If i don't book my slot for the mock, will i get the test link in unproc mode after the slot window?
I feel so cheated by Career Launcher, I have not been able to give any mock so far.
They don't allow me to change my test center. There are only two slot timings (2 person each) in a slot which clash with my office timings. They don't even give the access code saying its against their policy.
Every time i book my slot and i don't get the link to give in unproc mode although they had told in the program details that they would provide.
So i want to ask whether not booking the slot will help?
My center is Bangalore.

Careerlauncher ki site hack ho gayi hai ky ?? kya bakar hai ye...
ye likha aa rha hai...

Oppsss !!!! HaCKED bY v3x3r LocalRoot

v3x3r was h3r3 😁 ./Logging Out

QA- 51


How is the VA section compared to the last mock?

QA/DI- 14A 13 C 1W 38

VA 19 A 15C 4 W 41...OA 79....approx percentile nyone???

where is ndim ts center in delhi?? does anyone know??

Tough one...

QA- 19A 14 C -37
VA- 27A 20C -53

OA- 46A 34C -90

Time to focus on accuracy... embarrased