[OFFICIAL] CL Proc Mock - 8 2013-14 Scores and Discussions (Please DONOT open if you have not taken the test)

The final three PM’s of the season!Proc mock 8 starts tomorrow (30/07/13 - 06/09/13).1. *Please refrain from discussing questions, till the test window is open! :noentry: ** *2. Share your slot details,attempts,score and experience during…

The final three PM's of the season!

Proc mock 8 starts tomorrow (30/07/13 - 06/09/13).
1. Please refrain from discussing questions, till the test window is open!
2. Share your slot details,attempts,score and experience during the test.

Till then, Happy CATting!
Best Of Luck! mg

Your PM-8 Overall Score!

The toughest LR in a CL mock, yet!
26 in VA, 34 in quant. OA-60. First under 40 score in VA. 😠
Past few mocks have literally shattered the little confidence i had. Facing a severe crisis in faith.
Maybe it's not meant to be this year.


QA-49 17c 2w
VA-32 13c 7w
LR was tough...!! Screwed VA section..!!

OA-77 QA 42 Verbal 35....... LR was really tough......how much percentile should i expect ???

QA/DI=27/3=78 -1st time 30 attempts in QA/DI of CL Proc Mock this season.. Anyways DIs were a cakewalk..
VA/LR=20/8=52 (pata nahin yeh 8 wrong kaise hue,, Qns ta seemed peace, though RC ke kuch kuch options were confusing.. must have screwed RCs and PJ as usual)

I have different opinion of LR.. Finished it in probably the shortest time of this season, seemed easy.. Yeh ho sakta hai, i may have screwed it.. 😛

P.S. No Answer discussion please (dont pm me for it).. would like to wait for the solution 1st..

Was a relatively 'easy looking' paper, though I believe RCs were tricky .. Nevertheless expecting 140+ from the likes of @sid2222000 and other stalwarts,,

[Edit: From other puys comments and scores, I believe the section 2 was indeed tricky--looked simple but possibly were traps etc. Interesting... In that case it would be close enough in a sense to actual CAT(easy QA/DI plus medium LR,VA plus tricky RC)]

This is the 1st and last time I am giving CL proc mock in proctored mode..
1)I was the only one taking the test in the centre[on a Sunday Afternoon] 😛 splat
2)Side mein ek class chal raha tha.. Feel aa raha tha as if I was sitting in that class :/..and kuch khaas funda bhi nahin diya jaa raha tha worth listening to... [Got the reason as to why I was the only one in the centre :/]

3)It sucks waiting to see where I went wrong...

QA/DI - 17C 5W 46
VA/LR - 14C 8W 34
OA - 31C 13W 80

OA 67 QA 50, VA 17...both sections were quite easy, dunno where I got so many negatives in VA 😉😠😲

VA 43
QA 42
OA 85
yar yeh mock pura le li..... should have score 10-15 marks more atleast easy tha

VA 50, 18A,17C,1W
QA 35, 17A, 13C,4W
OA 85, 35A, 30C, 5W

I also have a couple of questions:

1)Apart from the obvious benefits of maintaining accuracy, is accuracy a factor in the scaling and equating process of CAT?
2)What percentile should I expect in this mock?

Section 2 hell tough !! Paper was not at all easy as others are predicting !! disagree

For the first time in my MBA Preps history, I scored more in Quant than in VA.

QA: 18 A, 15 C, Score: 42
VA: 25 A, 15 C, Score: 35
OA: 43 A, 30 C, Score: 77

QA 20C - 3W -->57
VA 20C - 6W --> 54
OA - 111
Had scored way lower in previous Proc/Unproc Mocks.. Found it easire hence

gave first mock of cl, i am time test series student.

first of all, shitty infrastucture at cl gurgaon, 3 times power cut and had to resume the test and on top of it the lr section!!!
screwed big time!
never again cl for sure, dint get so low marks even in the tuffest time mock also!!

QA-17C 5W=46

VA-11C 10W=23
OA 28C 15W=69...should have scored 10-15 more

QA - 52
thot i scored gud marks ... bt its not gud enuf

Took it yesterday

QA 16C 5W - 43 ;
VA 16C 9W - 39;
OA - 82

Paper was easy could have easily scored more than 100. Made silly mistakes😠😟

QA 20C 3W - 57;

VA 13C 3W - 36;
OA - 93;

Very easy paper. My speed is very slow.. In VA I am just able to attempt 9 LR ques, 1 RC and 3-4 sentence completion/ parajumbles .. I think one needs 120+ in this paper for 99.5%..

Guys, I know this is a bit off-topic, but has anyone else checked out CL's CAT percentile predictor?

Try it out, and I'm sure you'll be overjoyed. 😛

Btw, got 61+13=74 in the mock. 🎂