[OFFICIAL] CL Proc Mock - 10 2013-14 Scores and Discussions (Please DONOT open if you have not taken the test)

Proctored Mock-10 27th September to 6th October, 2013. Unproctored Mode: 7th October to 9th October, 2013 Last one by CL. All the best :thumbsup:

Proctored Mock-10 27th September to 6th October, 2013. Unproctored Mode: 7th October to 9th October, 2013

Last one by CL. All the best 👍

QA-55(19C/ 2W)-very easy section 70+ easily achievable ( missed because I was very slow in first 35 mins)

VA-44 (17C/ 7w)- found paper close to my last year cat's paper ..you can easily eliminate two options...LR was easy comparable to previous mocks
OA- 99(36C/9W)

Hi Guys can anybody please predict the cutoffs - sectional and overall of proc mock 10 ? .Also after attempting the past year CAT papers 2012 ,2011 this looks very close to the actual difficulty level .I am excluding 2010 since it was very difficult.

QA- 50-18C 4w

VA- 47- 17c 4w
OA- 97
This mock was very close to the actual cat. QA was doable, wasn't able to manage my time effectively. But satisfied with VA score.

QA - 23A 22C : 65 (Missed one DI set, questions were easy)

VA - 24A 16C : 40 😐 (Don't know what to do? Parajumbles are definitely gonna take me down)

OA - 47A 38C : 105

The paper was pretty easy, the cut offs should be high.
Total Score:

QA/DI:15A 11C 4W :29😠😠😠
VA/LR:24A 19C 5W :52😁
OA:39A 30C 9W:81😐

Someone please help me out in QA/DI.I know the section was easy and doable.Even i know i could have scored more than this but i am not able to manage my time well in this section.😟

Hey guys if any one has taken the module of

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QA- 52 (C - 19 W - 5)
VA- 56 (C - 21 W - 7)
OA - 108
This was a very balanced paper indeed. Though I wonder whether FIJ Qns come in CAT anymore.

QA- 47 (16C,1W)

VA- 33 (12C,3W)
OA- 80.
Seems to be easy paper. Still struggling to get century..😠😠😠

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QA - 19C 5W 52
VA - 18C 9W 45
total 97


QADI - 18C/22A = 50 rolleyes

VALR - 19C/30A = 46 😠
Total - 37C/52A = 96 😠
The paper was moderate. Both sections had a good mix of easy and difficult questions.

Needed this.... 😃

QADI: 68 (24A 23C)
VALR: 58 (26A 21C)
OA: 126 (50A 44C)

Nice balanced mock, both the sections were a pleasure to deal with.... 😃

A well balanced mock that too before cat,boosted my confidence ...

QADI: 69 (27A 24C 3W)😁

VALR: 43 (21A 16C 5W)p

OA: 112 (48A 40C 8W)👍

Need to improve in VA...

QADI: 21A 20C 1W 59 🍻
VALR: 27A 16C 11W 37 😲

OA : 48A 36C 12W 96
The disbalance in scores continue. embarrased

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QADI: 19A 17C 2W 49

VALR: 18A 15C 3W 42
OA: 37A 32C 5W 91

QA - 19A - 16C 3W - 45
VA - 23A - 18C 5W - 49

OA - 42A - 34C 8W - 94