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Question 23 ? @vishiac

If number of workers increased by 50 percent and efficiency of the new workers is 40 less than previous ones. Find the percentage change in total work.

Both x^2+16x-q=0 and x^2-11qx+25=0 have real roots. Find the number of positive integral solutions for x.

a)39      b)70     c)60     d)64

process please.

 If |x-4| + |y-4| = 4 ,then how many integer values can set (x,y) have? 

  • 5
  • 16
  • 9
  • Infinite

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In q. 7 i took proportion to be 3 : 6 :: 1 : 2. I am not getting the correct answer can any one tell me where i am going wrong ? Thanks in advance :)


Plz give me the details solution Thank you!!

Explain with steps

In how many ways can 4 parrots be put in 4 cages, each meant for a particular parrot, such that none of the parrot goes in it's own cage?