[Official] BSE Training Institute Query Thread

What are the courses being offered?

Also what is the admission procedure?

Thanks in Advance

"Myth Less"

BSE Institute offers finance based programs. So there are short term programs that could be a day long to a week dealing with various issues or particular products related to the financial market, or mid term programs. Long term programs include the MBA, diploma programs and concurrent learning programs.

Inside Story!

Hey all,
I saw a student hard at work solving quant problems, preparing for the CAT i believe in train at 8.30a.m....that time of the year already....

AT BIL it is the the Founder's Day event commences from today! Three days of fun and activities for all our students, current and alumnus!

The students have organised a huge stock market game - Jobber's day that commences today with the listing of IPOs. BSE tech team has helped out big time with their expertise.

Keep you posted on the event progress...cheers till then..


Team BIL

Hey all,

The first day of Torque was phenomenal! There was singing competition followed by a round of Karaoke that even the staff had the opportunity to participate in. There was vegetable carving competition and a pot painting competition around the same time!
The singing competition took place in the Convention Hall, where the open outcry system was held formerly! The music echoing around the rotunda was surreal!!!

Hey all,
Second day of Torque was just as great as the first with a Mehendi and tattoo competition. Inside news is the BSE Institute staff is planning a surprise performance to support the students on the grand finale tomorrow!!!

The finale will be held in the BSE Convention Hall, with cultural events!!!

anyone any info abt the PGP IN GLOBAL FINANCIAL MARKETS ??

Can any one review me the online course executive program for investment management? The 1 year program i am talking about.