(Official) BITSoM MBA Reviews from The Founding Class

Welcome to the official review group for the BITSoM MBA programme.

BITSoM commenced its founding class of the two-year MBA programme with 140 students in July 2021. Our founding class has 35% women and 33% non-engineers with an average work experience of 2 years.

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These past 4 months at BITSoM have been a transformative educational experience. The professors, who come from some of the best business schools around the world, are brilliant, considerate and engaging. They put a lot of care and effort into crafting each course and assignment, they have a genuine interest in students’ perspectives, and are incredibly committed to delivering an excellent academic experience.

The curriculum consists of Core courses (on marketing, finance, economics, etc.) and ‘Winning at the Workplace’ or WAW courses (which focus on developing leadership, reasoning and communication skills, in addition to learning agility), making it very holistic. Each semester consists of six ‘blocks’, and each block is two weeks long. One Core course and one WAW course are taught per block. What really surprised me is how much we can learn in a two-week block. Each course is thoughtfully designed to provide coverage of the most central topics, empowering us to explore and apply these topics outside the classroom.

Overall, I’m very pleased with my academic development so far at BITSoM and I am sure that in-person classroom interactions will elevate this experience even further.


With a term completed, and the second term ongoing, the BITSoM experience can be comprised in two words, “Flawless & Transformative”. Coming from an engineering background, the business and managerial insights I possess now compared to 4 months back, are tremendous. With eminent professors from across the world handling courses on Financial Accounting, Decision Models and Microeconomics, the foundation has been very strong.

With one block lasting two weeks, its a transformative journey every 14 days at BITSoM. With the way the curriculum is crafted, it is seamless, and the management has taken every effort to make learning comfortable. The materials used for the courses are from renowned universities, especially the case studies from Harvard Business School and HEC Paris. These opened me to a global perspective, and also followed by a discussion on the same in the class made it an intriguing learning experience.

The WAW courses (Winning at the Workplace) run simultaneously, oriented towards an overall skill development that is required for managers of the future. Most importantly, the career services team, are preparing us with the best resources possible, with case solving sessions, group dicsussion practices, mock interviews and profile evaluation with experts from the industry and a dedicated online portal from ‘Harappa’ for preparation.

Altogether, the journey thus far has made me feel confident and seems promising, with a transformative experience every two weeks!


It’s been 4 months as part of the Founding Class of BITS School of Management or as we call it BITSoM. In heart of financial capital of India, BITSoM promises to be a brand, a learning hub and a leadership grooming platform to be reckoned with in coming years. With top notch faculty from global universities such as Kellogg, Wharton, NYU Stern, Texas Austin and more, we have been treated to rapid learning curve in a unique block teaching method where we complete 2 courses every 2 weeks with assignments, group projects and exams all packed into the compact module. Apart from core business fundamentals, we are being groomed on softer aspects of leadership through Winning at workplace courses that are building our holistic thinking approach, interpersonal communication and empathy for diverse perspectives and ability to integrate them in business organization applications. Coupled with fantastic set of diverse 140 strong peer group, it has been an exhilarating ride that promises to take us to uncharted territories. The perspectives and holistic training that we are getting along with ability to lead from front because of it being a founding class has helped this experience become memorable in a very short time.


My journey of BITSoM started in the midst of the Pandemic. I was filling my applications for b-schools in the US and UK just when I got a mail regarding this new MBA program in India. Reading about it really got me intrigued and I applied. I chose BITSoM over the offers from US and 7 months down the line, here I am, in the second term my the MBA Program at BITSoM.

The admission process was one of the most streamlined I’ve been through. A simple application that captures all the important bits, 1 round of interview and I got an offer a few days later.

The experience so far has been a one filled with a lot of new experiences. The Block Teaching Pedagogy is as challenging as it is functional. Learning in short blocks and transitioning to a new subject every two weeks has given me an opportunity to learn a diverse set of subject in a fairly short period. We’re being taught by highly accomplished faculty from the best universities in the world. The lectures are made interactive by frequent case studies from Harvard, HEC Paris, IIMs and more.

Further, there are Winning at the Workplace (WaW) courses that encourage us to develop key skills that differentiate leaders in the real world. These are skills like Teamwork, Whole Brain Thinking, Written and Verbal Communication.

The best learning in any MBA Program comes from peers. BITSoM has a cohort with a students from with diverse set of backgrounds ranging from authors to professors and consultants to startup founders. The opportunity to learn from such an accomplished batch is invaluable.


I would say BITSoM has been one of the best thing to happen to me in the past one year. I gave cat, got a good percentile, got into a few top B-schools and was already getting ready to go to one of them, but that is when I learned about BITSoM from a few of my friends and was absolutely intrigued by the entire concept of the school. The courses, the people behind the institute, the global faculty from NYU, MIT, Wharton, or the BITS Pilani brand name which the school carried, I was pulled by all of that.

Along with that I was attracted by the opportunity to create the culture of the school from scratch. The culture which shall define its existence and its future. It is an opportunity to make something which people would remember for ages.

The way the core courses are being taught by top-notch global faculty has been a delightful change for me. No longer do I need to memorise formulas or theory! I actually understand the concepts!
Along with the core courses we also have WAW courses which I believe are something which would help a person more in the longer term of their career. The WAW courses teach you things like persuasive writing, verbal communication and whole brain thinking. Courses like these help one become a better professional and make them ready for the corporate world.

I personally came to BITSoM with immense hope, optimism, and zeal and I was sure that with everyone’s collective efforts BITSoM will soon become the place to be, and after being here for the past 4 months I can confidently say that BITSoM has exceeded my expectations.


My journey to BITSoM itself has been like a roller coaster.
After performing decently in CAT 2020 I was applying to various b-schools when I suddenly came across BITSoM by serendipity. It was love at first sight for me. A business school for new age learning with a stellar faculty and located in Mumbai. It was my ticket to study in a premier business school.
My journey in BITSoM has been mesmerizing so far. Since we have been able to have offline peer interaction from day 1, I have already form strong bonds with my peers. I have friends who have studied engineering, medical and even philosophy and hence every time we have conversations, I keep learning new perspectives.
But for me most definitely the highlight would be the courses and the faculty. I have teachers who teach at SMU, NYU stern and Wharton. Their way of teaching itself is so immersive and practical that we lose track of time. The subjects too have been carefully picked and the best part is every subject will offer a different flavor.
Thus I consider myself to be very lucky to be a part of the founding batch.
BITSoM has lived up to their promise and now its my chance to shine.

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My journey to BITSoM itself has been like a roller coaster.
After performing decently in CAT 2020 I was applying to various b-schools when I suddenly came across BITSoM by serendipity. It was love at first sight for me. A business school for new age learning with a stellar faculty and located in Mumbai. It was my ticket to study in a premier business school.
My journey in BITSoM has been mesmerizing so far. Since we have been able to have offline peer interaction from day 1, I have already form strong bonds with my peers. I have friends who have studied engineering, medical and even philosophy and hence every time we have conversations, I keep learning new perspectives.
But for me most definitely the highlight would be the courses and the faculty. I have teachers who teach at SMU, NYU stern and Wharton. Their way of teaching itself is so immersive and practical that we lose track of time. The subjects too have been carefully picked and the best part is every subject will offer a different flavor.
Thus I consider myself to be very lucky to be a part of the founding batch.
BITSoM has lived up to their promise and now its my chance to shine.

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My experience in the past 5 months at BITSoM has been really wonderful! I’m so happy with the quality of the teaching and the faculty. The professors are very kind and engaging, and they’re all brilliant teachers. It’s clear how much care and effort they put into crafting every lecture, every assignment, to add the maximum possible value to our academic experience.

I’m especially happy with the strong emphasis here on practical application. E.g., our Business Stats professor (Dr. Rohit Deo from NYU Stern) largely used real-world data sets for every assignment and exam, which helped us place every technique in the context of its real-life applications. It was much more holistic than just learning formulae or making graphs, which is usually the norm in classes like this. Our Decision Models professor Dr. Ziv Katalan read about every single student and their work ex/ academic background before the course started, and he then tailored the examples he used to fit with our batch’s experiences. These are just a couple of anecdotes, but every single faculty member has exceeded my expectations of a great teacher. In fact, we always end up forming such a strong rapport with each professor within just two weeks, which makes it hard to say goodbye to them :’) (Luckily, though, they’re more than happy for us to get in touch via email for advice/ questions/ conversations, and I plan to take them up on that offer!)

Another unique feature of the BITSoM curriculum, as you may already know, is Winning at the Workplace, or WAW courses. I didn’t really get how valuable these courses would be until I actually took them. But some of them have rewired the way I think, e.g., Dean Ranjan Banerjee’s course, Learning to Learn. One main pillar of this course was: the best way to learn from business leaders, colleagues, bosses, teachers and mentors is by asking them the right questions. I had never realized before how difficult it is to construct a concise, incisive question, while avoiding assumptions and egoism. This course trained us to do that, so now, every time I raise my hand to ask a question to a professor or a visiting speaker, I find myself automatically double-checking to ensure that my question abides by the general principles we learnt in that course. And it actually makes a big difference – conversations flow more organically, the answers offer deeper insights.

Of course, we follow the block teaching method, which means that each course is taught within a two-week ‘block’. The accelerated nature of the course can definitely make it intense, especially because we have two courses per block: one Core course, and one Winning at the Workplace course. We have exams every alternate weekend. Sometimes assignments can also overflow to the next block and add up. So even with excellent time management skills, you’re never going to get as much sleep as you want — be prepared for that! But the block teaching method is what makes it possible to bring in faculty from the best b-schools worldwide, and I think that tradeoff is worth it.

From a student community perspective: The Admissions team has really selected an amazing group with some of the most diverse academic backgrounds you’d find in an Indian b-school. I learn so much from them every single day in and outside of class, and they’re some of the most welcoming and helpful people I’ve ever met. This was especially evident during placement season: whenever students needed assistance with resume review, company research or dealing with hunger pangs between interviews, other students were available to help at the drop of a hat. In these past 5 months, I feel that collaboration and kindness have really become part of the culture.

Ultimately, I’d say there’s a strong spirit of camaraderie here — it’s a small, highly motivated, close-knit community, and everyone’s really excited about being part of this new venture. And I’m really glad to be part of it too.

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I arrived at BITSoM 6 months back with my head loaded with lots of uncertainties and trepidations, something that naturally comes while joining a brand-new B-school. No past records, no first-hand experiences from seniors and with hardly any renowned MBA counsellors talking about it. But 6 months into the course, I can proudly say, that BITSoM has not just met our expectations but surpassed it. With the strong Pilani legacy backing it and incredible personnel at the helm, things can barely go wrong.

So, what makes BITSoM different? For me, it would be the faculties, the block teaching and the WAW courses.

Faculties : One of the most important features of a successful B-school is their faculties. What if I told you, that Prof. Ziv Katalan from Wharton would be teaching you Decision Models and Uncertainity, or Prof. Rohit Deo, chair of Dept of Technology, Operations and Statistics of NYU Stern would be guiding you through Business Stats. It is regardless of a B-school setting such a wonderful experience to learn from such eminent minds. The block teaching method has allowed BITSoM to hand-pick the best professors from all around the world and get them here. So far, it has been extremely enriching.

Block Teaching : Block teaching allows the students to focus on only one subject at a time fully before you move on to the next one. A lot of us prior to joining BITSoM had only experienced the conventional teaching structure wherein all the subjects are taught simultaneously and we are tested on those subjects at the end. Block teaching has been a refreshing change, albeit a bit fast-paced and demanding, it certainly allows for better learning by allowing us to channel our energies on just one subject at a time.

WAW courses : This runs in parallel to the core courses, and is called ‘Winning at the Workplace’ module. It stands true to its name by educating us through practical ways on a wide array of topics like Happiness, Constitution, History, Public Speaking, Communication etc. One of the WAW courses that stood out for me was that of the Presentation Skills. Prof. Raj Upadhyay who conducted the course brilliantly wherein our speeches were video graphed and analyzed. We were then given feedbacks on our content, diction, gestures, eye-contact and much more. At the end of the course, we all emerged as better speakers. Similarly, all WAW courses are designed to open the students up to new ways of thinking which they can effectively implement in their future workplaces.

So, these are the 3 primary factors which I feel distinguishes BITSoM from the rest of the B-Schools. These however are just the tip of the ice-berg. There are many other things like The Personal Development Plan (PDP), the Social Live Project, our wonderful diverse cohort and much more.

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My journey in BITSoM to date has been a surreal experience with its fair share of challenges. I, too, arrived at this college with great interest and angst while knowing that it is a founding class. It’s been six months since I joined now, and we have completed term one and are midway through term 2. Although most of us are engineers, I can truly call this batch a diverse group with varied work-experience and backgrounds. I realized the importance of diversity when an engineer understands corporate finance and accounting. One of my flat mates, a social media marketer, helped me give a different perspective in the case studies we do in class. Most of our courses are case study based, and our renowned faculty bring their years of experience in making us understand the concepts through real-life case studies. We recently concluded a course on Entrepreneurship foundations taught by Professor Gerry George. It was our first class in a physical classroom and a truly fantastic experience. Professor George taught all the basics through case studies written by himself based on his past experiences, including companies in India. These kinds of experiences can be found across the other subjects. The Winning at the workplace courses, which we call WaW, has been a transformative experience. Our last course was quite exciting and was taught by Devdutt Pattanaik. It stressed us to evaluate and reimagine our leadership strategies based on Indian culture and to think beyond the current environment in corporate, which promotes war rooms.
Apart from the curriculum, the college makes us industry ready through live projects and a personal development program. All students have to go through 3 live projects, one social sector, and two corporate live projects. We are currently working on our social sector projects dealing with issues that NGOs and other organizations face. I know of a few people who have been on field trips to understand the problem statement better. The learnings from these projects would be beneficial in the corporate world. The personal development program led by Dr. Leena Chatterjee has truly been a transformative experience. She guides us and provides feedback on overcoming our shortcomings and strengthening our core areas. Every student is then assigned a mentor from the industry to work further on our development plan.
Ultimately, I would like to say this is a startup with grand ambitions to become one of the world’s top business schools, not just India. The few challenges that we face will be ironed out by having a senior batch. Since this being the founding batch, we didn’t have anyone to guide us through the different processes. I am glad to have decided to join BITSoM despite the initial inhibitions.

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I’m currently a student of the founding batch of BITSoM. Here’s how my experience has been so far.

  1. Admission Process: The admission process has been very thorough and holistic, evaluating not just your academics and test scores but also your overall profile. I had to write three detailed essays to explain why I wanted to join BITSoM. This is a great process because it significantly increases the quality of students in the batch. Out batch of 139 is extremely diverse with students from various fields and top institutions such as IITs, NITs and St. Xaviers.
  2. Teaching and faculty: I think BITSoM really nailed this aspect in its founding class. All our profs are from top schools such as NYU, Kellogg, Wharton and more. The learning is filled with classroom teachings, group work, simulations and more. Its been amazing to learn from such incredible profs.
  3. Placements: We have almost concluded our summer placements with 70% of the batch getting placed from day 0- day 3 of placements in October. Top recruiters include ABG, Nivea, HUL, Bain and Co, AT Kearney, Arthur D’Little, Big 4, Nestle, Pidilite, Tata Consumer etc. The placement report should be out very soon! Most of these recruiters offered stipends of upwards of 75K per month with the highest being 1.65L / month.
  4. Student life: Honestly, being in the heart of Mumbai has so many advantages, in terms of bringing in recruiters, speakers, and even just getting a lot of exposure. BITSoM provides extremely comfortable student housing and our campus in Hiranandani Powai is top-notch with access to the best facilities. Furthermore, we have a two-week immersion program at the London Business School in year-2 as well!

All in all, I’d suggest BITSoM is a great option for 2022. Whether you’re a fresher or someone with 5+ years of work ex, there are opportunities for everyone. Do reach out to the admissions committee for any queries! Happy to answer all your questions :slight_smile:

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The course started in July and it’s been 6 months. We have finished 1 term and in the last block of term 2. The block teaching method is revolutionary. The faculty cover topics and give case assignments which challenges the students to apply the knowledge to real scenarios and the cherry on top of the cake is the diverse class, with CA’s, Doctors, commerce students and engineers each study group gets a 360 perspective each case we solve. The Personal Development Program where a industry psychologist helps us understand our strengths and weakness better The Mentorship program is unique to BITSoM where all students are mapped to industry cxo level mentors who have constant interaction with them. my perspective has seen a drastic trasformation noted by my family and friends. The campus is beautiful and the library is stocked with all journals and latest books. We are also doing a social live project to help an NGO is running it’s operations. This practical method of learning are equipping us not only to be better managers but able leaders of tomorrow.

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At BITSoM, we are taught by ‘rockstar’ faculty. Apart from their stellar education, one reason they are rockstars is their ability to make us think. Daniel Kahneman calls humans lazy thinkers- but the great teachers of the world shock and awe you into breaking that laziness, becoming curious, and expanding your perspectives and horizons. Each of them has done their PhDs from great universities and have behind them deep research work in management and how it has evolved. It is awesome to listen to some of these stalwarts in their fields.
I can recall such shock and awe moments with almost all our instructors so far; two professors recently- Prof Mudit Kapoor (he taught Global Rules of the Game, Applied Macroeconomics) and Devdutt Patnaik (Yes! The mythology bestselling author) drilled into us the need to hold multiple perspectives and gauge each situation, person, and context independently and to not let previous biases paint a context. This was profound, given how the world is turning up. They then buttressed this with numerous examples from past and present with all of us spellbound as they narrated these events and the versions around it. I wouldn’t obviously act as spoiler! You have to be there to witness the magic of learning!

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It’s been nearly 2 semesters since I officially started my MBA journey at BITSoM. The experience has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride. We came to Mumbai in the hope of starting with physical classes but even though that took a long time to kick-off, we were extremely fortunate to be able to attend online classes and meet our peers in Mumbai. As an architect, I was apprehensive of being able to cope with the subjects being taught in an MBA school. However, the faculties made the learning road easily walkable. The classes were interactive despite being held on Zoom and even though a few classes demanded odd timings, the professors made sure to keep us wide awake and alert. The discussions we had in class were and still continue to be relevant to what is happening in the world today and is hence, much easier to grasp and remember.

The diverse cohort at BITSoM just made the whole process a lot more easier. The environment here has been that of care, trust and belonging. If one believes in healthy competition, BITSoM is the right place to be. There is a lot of scope to learn from your colleagues and grow mutually.
Some of the factors which continue to differentiate BITSoM from other b-schools include the

  1. Winning At The Workplace courses (WATW)
  2. Personalized Development Plan (PDP)
  3. Industry experts as Mentors

All of these have made sure that my growth at BITSoM has been holistic and enriching. We’re currently working on live projects as well and this has added the practical flavor to our academic curriculum.
The clubs and committees at BITSoM have also kicked-off in full enthusiasm and we look forward to hosting more events for students, both within, and outside BITSoM.

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While considering which college to join, I decided on BITSoM because of the BITS Pilani name, stellar faculty and an inventive curriculum. Over these past few months I have come to realise that those were just a sneak peek into the world of BITSoM. With industry mentors giving us advice on our long term career aspirations, continuous involvement in live projects - such as the social live project we are undertaking currently and an impressive summer internship performance - BITSoM has proved my decision of choosing it to be the right one.
The academic courses itself have a good blend of both theory and practical simulations, case studies and projects and we often find ourselves applying those concepts in case competitions and projects. The bi-weekly leadership series talks have become a major source of inspiration and learning for me.
What has been the most memorable among all these splendid experiences has been the people. The culture of being there for one another and helping out while keeping the competitive spirit alive has been very special for me.

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Close to 6 months in BITSoM and my experience here has been overwhelmingly positive. BITSoM was one of the first few schools that allowed us an experience, with COVID precautions, to interact with our peers to help inculcate peer learning. The global faculty makes learning so easy with the experiences and practical examples they bring to every concept taught. Personally, I have studied a lot of these subjects at surface level previously but never understood them as well until these courses were taught at BITSoM. The pedagogy uses block teaching which has its own pros and cons, but it allows us to focus on one subject at a time and not mix cross domain knowledge. The syllabus so far has been very well structured, that builds over one another with concepts and subjects.

The Winning at the Workplace (WAW) courses are another highlight to this program that makes learning more holistic and helps in developing not only hard skills but also soft skills. The focus on building core skills, would probably help us be more employable in the future final placements. The PDP, which is a development plan made for each student complements the learnings from the WAW courses. The PDP helped me realize my strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan to best use them.

I am looking forward to more offline learning, the amazing internships we all bagged and new experiences from the corporate live projects in the months to come!

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We live in a world that constantly requires upgrading ourselves to resonate with the new ideologies and it’s demands. BITSoM offers a strategically designed curriculum emphasizing on experiential learning and design thinking which has fascinated me the most. The MBA program includes core management subjects and winning at the workplace courses to make the students competent professionals. Being a bachelor of pharmacy graduate with experience of working in a hospital, Finance subjects were quite challenging. I could overcome this challenge because of the professors and taking help from my peers. As the professors are from renowned institutes all over the globe, the learning experience is unique and prepares the students for the evolving world. There are many students with finance backgrounds who have CA and CFA certifications. I would understand the concepts of financial accounting and economics from them.

The Personal Development Programme initiative taken by BITSoM under the guidance of Dr. Leena Chatterjee has helped many students to work on a career trajectory suitable for their profiles. I was astounded when I learned that we will be personally mentored by industry professionals and get hands-on experience while working on live social sector and corporate projects. Such opportunities are hard to find and I cannot be grateful enough to experience this which will prepare me for the corporate world. I believe all the elements and my dedication put together would help me grow and emerge as a professional with competent leadership skills.

Having completed two terms and gone through the summer placement process, my experience has been mostly positive. I have summarized my experience as following:

  1. Admissions - The process was well-structured and quick for me. I submitted my application form in round 2 and received my interview call letter after 15 days of submission of my application. The interview revolved around the essays in the application form and was focused around understanding my reasoning for pursuing an MBA and skills I had. The interview process lasted for approximately 45 minutes. The panelists were friendly and touched upon each aspect - academics, internships, work experience, community work and extra-curricular activities. I absolutely enjoyed the interview process here as compared to my experience of other B-schools. I had my admission offer letter in my hand within 4 days of the interview. The whole process was completed in a month efficiently.

  2. Academics - From the start of the term 1, classes have been running at smoothly despite block teaching being a high paced methodology. With almost no operational issues, classes and exams run at full potential be it offline, online or hybrid. Along with the core subjects, some of the WAW subjects (which are somewhat a combination of soft skills, critical and creative thinking) have been a good learning experience.

  3. Industry Connect - Built on the legacy of BITS Pilani and having a strong backing of Aditya Birla Group, the B-school has been able to highlight its presence among the diverse set of industry leaders and BITS alumni. The top management of the institute also bring in their network to further strengthen the industry connection. We had Leadership sessions twice a month where CXOs take us through their experience, learnings and how they keep themselves relevant in this age of digital transformation.
    We also have a Mentorship programme where each student has been allotted a mentor for career guidance and assistance.
    The institute is organizing its management fest, Beacon - A Festival of Ideas, where we are witnessing participation of several Industry Leaders in a single session. It is an excellent platform for students to showcase ideas and create an impression of the institute among the industry leaders.

  4. Placements and Live Projects - The summer placement process had its share of ups and downs. But overall, we have done well in our first year. The summer placement preparation was handled by an external organization which specializes in Interview prep and CV building. Each one of us had at least one mock interview and group discussion taken by an expert. We were provided a comprehensive report of our mock interviews to analyze the gaps and work in it. The administration also supported in the preparation as and when required.
    As for the outcome, the numbers are there in the report. Some of the roles offered in the internships are - Management Consulting, Business Consulting, Technology Consulting, M&A, HR Consulting, Product Management & Development, Venture Capital, Private equity, Investments & Sell Side Equity, Microfinance, Sales & Marketing, Merchandising and Development, Business Development, Marketing Research, Digital transformation (sales, supply chain), Project Management, Strategy & Planning and General Management.
    Talking about the live projects we are having 2 corporates and 1 social live project, in our first year as part of the curriculum. Apart from that you will get opportunities to connect with people in industry to pursue other projects as well.

  5. Clubs, Committees & Extra-curricular Activities - There are 5 committees - Academic, Campus Life, Marketing & Outreach, Placement, and Operations which work with the administration and assist them in their respective operations. We have 7 Professional Clubs (Analytics, Consulting, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability) and 9 Talent clubs. All the clubs and committees are open to students and have their own selection process. As of now the activities by the clubs are limited to the institute. As we develop further the scope reach of the clubs will expand and organize more activities.

  6. Student life: Honestly, being in the heart of Mumbai has so many advantages, BITSoM provides extremely comfortable student housing and our campus in Hiranandani Powai is top-notch with access to the best facilities. The current housing facility is in a well know society of Mumbai where we are allowed to avail the existing gym, badminton court, tennis court, TT and squash at zero cost. The commute from housing complex to campus for classes and official events is taken by the administration. Apart from this we have a lot going on in terms of parties as well to chill and relax.

There have been challenges as well. But the administration and students have come together deal with the issues. Rest assured anything major is well taken by the administration. In my opinion, it’s a great institute to be a part of and experience it. Hope this helps the readers to know more about BITSoM and probably see you in the next batch :slight_smile:

Having completed two terms covering most of the core subjects in an MBA, my experience with BITSoM has been a fulfilling ride.

Quality of teaching: There has been much discussion regarding the quality of instruction at institutions such as NYU, Kellogg, and LBS, and how ISB is able to combine them all into an MBA experience. Combine it with some of the most underrated yet critical courses on writing, communication, presentation, and a variety of other aspects of becoming an effective business leader. That concludes your BITSoM coursework.
Some of the best courses I took were Business Statistics by Rohit Dev from NYU, Entrepreneurship by Gerry George, Financial Accounting by Mark Finn, and Decision Models by Ziv Katlan.
Block teaching is a novel approach that enables you to concentrate on one subject for two weeks at a time. Personally, I believe that block teaching helps us to concentrate more on one thing at a time while also digesting knowledge from multiple sources and also gives us time to work on personal projects.
As a disadvantage, I would point out that students won’t be able connect subjects easily with one another and have multi-dimensional view of cases. Developing an approach to counter this effect will take time and experience.

Opportunities for career enhancement: There are numerous opportunities for any student to shine at our institute. Given that we will be crammed with a slew of activities such as corporate projects, social projects, internship preparations, clubs and committees, occasional student run initiatives, leadership sessions, simulations, idea festivals, and so on, it is critical for any student to balance their time amidst this hectic schedule, and put in adequate efforts to get the most out of your MBA.
The ABG Leadership programme is one of the most competitive in India, owing to the conglomerate’s strong brand and exposure to many business sectors. This programme is only available to students from IIM ABCLI, ISB, TISS, and BITSoM!
Hostel Life: We are currently staying in the Mumbai suburbs (JVLR) in a reputable apartment complex. When it comes to your life after MBA in a corporate context, I am confident that you will have firsthand experience as a member of the next year’s batch. We have our own sports club funding, which allows us to play on the best turfs in Mumbai nearly every day. Coming from a tier-2 city in South India, seeing Mumbai in all its glory is a huge plus for me. There are no silly rules like staying in hostels and one will have access to all the amenities within the apartment complex.

Networking Opportunities: Networking is one of the most crucial aspects of an MBA, and living in Mumbai and working on various actual projects there has allowed me to make good contacts from reputable firms. We have a library of top industry leaders from various conglomerates and corporates who have signed up for the programme, in addition to the opportunities available through live projects. Learning how to use this tool efficiently has improved my understanding of different business streams and assisted me in selecting specialisations based on my abilities. We have frequent one-on-one meetings from time to time, and the leaders help us redefine our goals and keep pushing to be the best. A close knit group of 139 students has also enabled the cohort to support one another during difficult periods, and I am convinced that the lower batch size will pay off in the long run. The quality and amount of interaction with peers has substantially improved.

My mentor is a VP of marketing from a major conglomerate, and every interaction I’ve had with them has been about assisting me in choosing the best career route for me based on my talents and achievements. Coming from NIT-Trichy, one notable distinction was the presence of numerous systems and hierarchies. BITSoM, on the other hand, felt more like a start-up school with plenty of room to learn and explore.