[Official] ­čÄľAdmissions for PGP/PGP-ABM/PGP-SM Courses at IIM-Lucknow 2019-21

To clarify queries of the WAT/PI call getters

Hey Anyone khows how to prepare for WAT-PI for IIM L ?

Can anyone please confirm whether the docs to be uploaded in IIM L portal need to be self attested or not??

There are total 232 credits in graduation out of which I'm allowed to drop 12, resulting in total 220 credits and my aggregate marks in degree are calculated on basis of 220 credits and same I've filled in cat form. While filling IIML form, should I enter all 232 credits or 220?

I dont have salary slips first 3 months of the job, but i do have latest ones will ut suffice.?Also i do have joining and appointment letter alongwith that. Pls respond .TIA

which certificate are we supposed to upload in place of Work Experience Certificate. I am currently working in a MNC. Should I just upload the joining letter ? 

Please help

Hi, In academic section in form, for grduation percentage, total cgpa is adding up to max marks of 80 (that is 10 10 max gpa marks of all 8 semesters) And this is not editable. Whereas cgpa max marks should be 10 in my case. 

How to handle this concern? @ignicion

I do not have salary slips, but do have experience letter that I can upload. Would the exp letter suffice as a proof? Or salary slips are needed no matter what?

What is the last date for IIML form filling ??

I have filled my 10th maximum marks per subject as 95 as that's what we get when we multiply 10cgpa to 9.5 Should I put it like this or 100 in iim L's form ?

can someone post the link to check the shortlist?

Will there be a common interview for PGP and PGP-SM? and we will be asked about our choice on the spot or, will the interview for both be different on separate days?

For the graduation proof, I am not able to update the document uploaded. I have an integrated dual degree. But the uploaded document, as of now, is only of Btech certificate. Will it be enough for now? Any one else facing the issue? 

My college doesn't provide any conversion formula certificate. What to do in that case?

What should be the ideal word limit for the why MBA and career plan question? There seems to be no upper limit for that.

Please clarify what is the deadline for submitting PGP Application..??

What are you writing for the dates in the graduation semester? They only mention month and year in my mark sheet, but Lucknow wants the dd mm yy

I am shortlisted for PGP 2019-21. While filling the details in academic records I am facing a problem. I have done my diploma (3 years duration) after 10th followed by a direct entry to 2nd year of Engineering . In the form we need to fill details of 1st and 2nd semester of graduation which are mandatory. What should I fill in those as I haven't appeared for it ?

I'm a CA but there's just one field for 'graduation/professional qualification' wherein I've filled my graduation details. There's no possibility of adding another. What's to be done in this case? Do I fill that in the masters degree field ?

Under Graduation, for each semester do we put the SGPA obtained in that semester, or do we put the cumulative GPA at the end of that semester?