[Official] Adani Institute of Digital Technology Management (AIDTM) PGDM Admission 2022-24

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At Adani Institute of Digital Technology Management (AIDTM), we are inspired and convinced by the need to bridge the gap between innovative ideas and create a futuristic disruptive technological impact on the industry.


*** Detailed Admission Process:**

  • Check your eligibility criteria
    • Graduation with a minimum of 50%
    • Appear in at least one exam out of CAT/XAT/MAT/CMAT/GMAT/ATMA.
  • Fill & submit the online application form.
  • Appear for Cohort Profile Assessment (Institute based Online Entrance Exam)
  • Online Personal Interview (PI).

To Know More, Visit: https://aidtm.ac.in/
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How are the Faculties at Adani Institute of Digital Technology Management (AIDTM) College?

What’s the Curriculum of the Adani Institute of Digital Technology Management (AIDTM) College?

Which entrance exam scores along with the CAT exam does Adani Institute of Digital Technology Management (AIDTM) College accept?

The Faculties at Adani Institute of Digital Technology Management (AIDTM) College, Gandhinagar are very good, in fact they help each and every one of us with their experiences and share a great knowledge which will help us in future. There are many experienced Faculties with great exposure and Global understanding of Big Data Analytics & Technology Management which helps groom all of us. The faculties are coming from different backgrounds, universities, industries. Some of the full time faculties are as follows:

  1. Dr. Rama Moondra: (Dean)

She has done her doctoral in Start-up Ecosystems and PG in Marketing Management and is an alumnus of Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. More than 27 years of experience of being a coach and consultant.

  1. Dr. Virendra Kumar Shrivastava: Professor (Big Data Analytics)

He has a M. Tech. Honors in Computer Technology Applications and Doctor of Philosophy in Data Mining. He also has 19+ years of experience in teaching, research & administration in Indian and UK Universities.

  1. Dr. Darshan Ranpura: Assistant Professor (Finance)

He has a double master’s degree in Management and Cost Accounting. Also, 12 years’ experience in teaching and research.

  1. Mr. Utkarsh Sharma: Assistant Professor (Big Data Analytics)

He holds Master’s degree from Jaypee institute of information & technology, Noida and Teaching experience of more than 9 years.

Some of the Visiting Faculties are as follows:

  1. Mr. Aninda Basu:

PGDM from IIM, Rohtak and PhD Admit from IIM Ahmedabad with 11 years of experience in Product Marketing, Product Management & Product Development across Tech & Education sectors. Currently is a Global head of Product Marketing for Netcore Cloud’s key SaaS products.

  1. Dr. Nitin Chanderwal:

Ph.D. in Computer Science & Engineering from Jaypee University of Information Technology, India. He is also an IBM certified engineer.

  1. Dr. Pallavi Mittal:

She has done her doctoral study in the subject of Online Marketing of financial products & services. Her past experience is a mix of industry and academic experience spanning a period of nearly more than 15 years specializing in Marketing & General Management.

  1. Deepa Sanghavi:

She is a psychology graduate from Sophia College, Mumbai and also has done her Master’s from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai. She has 20+ years of teaching experiences in areas such as Domestic & International HR Management, Organizational Behaviour, Soft Skills, etc.

  1. Dr Hemant Trivedi:

He has many past experiences in the field of teaching. He was Professor in Marketing at MICA.

  1. Mr Chintan Dave:

He has 8 + Years of Experience in Corporate Training. He is also a Certified Blockchain Expert & Certified Blockchain Solution Architect.

The above are just some of the list of faculties to name some. There are many other faculties and they are also equally good and help each and every student at the campus.

Mostly all the courses offered at Adani Institute of Digital Technology Management (AIDTM) College will have a strong tendency towards shaping a career in Big Data Analytics and Technology Management education.

Curriculum for each of the Trimesters is given below. The first year has almost same curriculum for both the programs. But from second year students will be having elective subjects only in their curriculum.

Trimester I subjects such as Managerial Communication, Business Economics, Financial Statements & Reporting, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Quantitative Techniques, Decision Sciences, IT Tools & Systems.

Trimester II subjects such as Logistics & Operations Management, Corporate Finance, Consumer Behavior & Marketing Communication, Design Thinking & Product Management, Python, Business Research Methodology, Database & Data Warehousing, Time Series and Forecasting Techniques & Analysis.

Trimester III subjects such as Strategic Management & Competitor Intelligence, Power Skill, Behavioral Economics & Finance, Data Mining, Big Data Analytics, R Programming, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, and Enterprise Data Visualization.

Trimester IV onwards elective subjects are included in the curriculum.

For Big Data Analytics in Trimester IV and V following subjects are included such as Business Analytics, Intelligence & Forecasting, Machine Learning Algorithms, Techniques & Application, Natural Language Progressing, Enterprise Data Visualization, Supply Chain Analytics, Digital Media Analytics, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Managing a Large-scale Data Analytics Project, Digital Disruptions by Distributed Blockchain Technology, Data Mining for Business Decision, Building a Data-driven Startup, Application of Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning in Decision-making, Data Privacy and Trust Model, System Design and Thinking, Price Analytics, Social Media and Social Networks Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Cyber Warfare, Cyber Terrorism, Cyber Crime Sports Analytics, Multivariate Data Analysis, HR Analytics , Cloud Computing Optimization Techniques for Data Analytics and Healthcare Analytics, etc.

For Technology Management in Trimester IV and V following subjects are included such as Data Science and Machine Learning, Operations Management, Data Base Management System, Business Process Engineering, E- Governance, Software Development, Sentiment Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile and Web Analytics, Web Design Technology, Industry 4.0, Cybersecurity, Technology Forecasting and Assessment, Business Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Blockchain for Business, IT Infrastructure Library, Internet of Things, etc.

Trimester VI will have Capstone Projects.

Adani Institute of Digital Technology Management (AIDTM) was established with the core adherence of creating continuously employable professionals in the field of Technology Management and Big Data Analytics. For a students who belong to non tech background also can learn unknown correlations, market trends and customer preferences that will help us to make better decisions and prevent fraudulent activities in any organizations they are working.

The entrance exam scores along with the CAT Exam Scores which Adani Institute of Digital Technology Management College accepts are such as XAT, CMAT, GMAT, MAT and ATMA. Students will have to clear any one of the above entrance examination.

After that only candidates will receive calls for Personal Interview Rounds that will be conducted by Adani Institute of Digital Technology Management (AIDTM) College for Final Selection Process.

What is the Eligibility Criteria to take admission for the PGDM Program at Adani Institute of Digital Technology Management (AIDTM) College?

Will I get Industry Exposure at Adani Institute of Digital Technology Management (AIDTM)?

The eligibility criteria for admission to the PGDM program at Adani Digital Technology Management (AIDTM) College are as follows:

  • Students are required to obtain national level entrance exam scores in accordance with AICTE guidelines. Tests for CAT, XAT, CMAT, GMAT, MAT, ATMA, etc.

  • Students must have a bachelor’s degree with at least 50% grades (45% grades for students in booking categories such as SC / ST) or equivalent CGPA qualifications from accredited universities in India and abroad.

  • Students in the final year of graduation can also apply for the PGDM program.

  • Students with work experience: Prior work experience (paid and full-time graduate student employment) is not required for students wishing to enroll in the PGDM program, but having relevant work experience can be advantageous in the selection process compared to students with no work experience.

Yes, you definitely have the industry exposure at the Adani Institute of Digital Technology Management (AIDTM). All of us students had the stage to learn, meet and network with AIDTM industry experts who frequently visit the campus, not only from the perspective of guest lectures but also from the perspective of theoretical and practical learning.

Industrial tours are also included. It aims to teach us beyond scholars. Industry visits have helped us to provide a practical perspective on the world. It also provides opportunities for hands-on learning through interactions, corporate work styles and employment practices. This provided insights into current job applications related to the courses you chose to take at AIDTM.

Dr. Pankaj Singh, Senior Vice President and Mentor of Adani Group, is among the industry experts who visited the campus. He also leads the Adani International Innovation Hub. He talked about how the industry is progressing, what the future holds, and so on. His main topic focused on his career in digital and future work.

Shikha Agrawal, who has over 20 years of experience as a senior MTC architect at Microsoft, also visited the campus. She focused on topics such as the fusion of intelligence and machine learning. She provided insights into how machine learning works in the real world, how machine learning intelligence can help in the future, and more.

Many other industry experts have come to our university to share their experiences with us. I definitely recommend doing PGDM with AIDTM.

I hope my experience will be useful to you!!

How is the Infrastructure of the Adani Institute of Digital Technology Management (AIDTM)?

Is Adani Institute of Digital Technology Management (AIDTM) College good?

What are the fees of Adani Institute of Digital Technology Management (AIDTM) College for a PGDM Program?

How are the Applications being Shortlisted at Adani Institute of Digital Technology Management (AIDTM) College?

The fees for the PGDM Program of 2 years at Adani Institute of Digital Technology Management (AIDTM) is approximately Rs.10,00,000/- which includes other value added fees, etc.

The fee may vary but the variation is very minute and thus it will be around the above mentioned figure.

Adani Institute of Digital Technology Management offers exposure, peer learning, 100% deployment support and more in many industries. Companies on campus include KPMG, CRISIL, EY, Adani Group, Infosys, P & G, TCS, Dell, Deloitte, HDFC Bank and Tech Mahindra.

Each applicant for the Post Graduate School Management Program (PGDM) of the Adani Digital Technology Management Institute (AIDTM) will be evaluated comprehensively based on the following parameters and will be the final candidate.

  • Weightage of Entrance Test Score – 20%
  • Academic Performance – 20%
  • Personal Interview Performance – 40%
  • Extra-curriculum achievements – 10%
  • Relevant Work Experience – 10%

Note: Due to the pandemic, all final selection student interviews will be conducted online using the institute’s state-of-the-art facilities. Please visit the institute’s website on a regular basis.

In this case, if the situation normalizes, the Institute may conduct an interview at the Gandinagar Campus. The details will be notified by the admissions office long before the actual interview.

I’m a student of AIDTM PGDM course in Big Data Analytics. I’d like to elaborate on my impressions of the college and its infrastructure:

  • Classrooms- We have digitally enabled Smart Boards classrooms. There are 2 cameras on the top of the Board and 1 camera is on the Centre of the class which captures the faculty and later if by any chance we miss the class we are provided with the recorded sessions which I view later to understand what was thought and it also helps me for revising.

  • Computer Lab- There are 2 Computer Labs. These place helps us to make our PPTs for Presentation, research upon particular topics, etc.

  • Tutorial Room- We use this room for discussing Projects and discuss doubts. The room is equipped with Smart Board. The college has this tutorial room for us to develop new ideas for presentations and class activities.

  • Student’s Lounge- This a place for fun-activities, chit-chat, and have discussions on our interests. It has proper sitting arenas with bean bags and more.

  • Library- Our College has a very beautiful library, with a lot of books and digital access to same. All the material required to study or read from various topics can be found here.

  • Tapri Talks- This is the concept of our Canteen. It is a place to hang our with friends and bond. Here, the seating arrangement is like a Tea store so it is named Tapri Talks.

  • Directors Office and Admission Office- Directors office is on ground floor. Dean Sir’s cabin is next to the Directors Office. The Admission Office basically has different rooms for Administrative work of daily activities such as Finance, Marketing, HR, Operations, etc.

  • Faculty Cabin & Faculty Lounge- These are also separate entities. Each Faculty has their separate cabin. This gives us a benefit to go and ask faculties doubts in person.

  • Floor Wise- We have multiple lobbies. So that if any one space is occupied, we can go to the next lobby.

  • Seminar Hall- It is near the Podium Area of our College.

Yes, Adani Institute of Digital Technology Management (AIDTM), Gandhinagar is worth the money. The courses offered here are in line with the curriculum, teachers are qualified, teach us through internships, case studies, live interactive activities and provide practical knowledge. The curriculum is based on the latest industry practices. The faculty here will teach you new generation skills in big data analytics and technology management. Teachers are also experts in their respective industries.

The main reason for attending the Adani Institute of Digital Technology Management (AIDTM) was the learning experience provided by the faculty and their curriculum. There are a number of events and extracurricular activities that accompany various sessions, including live lectures and courses on topics by industry experts. The university campus is surrounded by great career opportunities.

Overall ROI for AIDTM is quite good and thus this is a college you should consider.

Is Adani Institute of Digital Technology Management (AIDTM) College worth the money?