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can we get placement record for pandemic and pre pandemic session? It is not on the website. Is is so bad?

Also, what is expected cutoff for SC category female candidate this year in percentile with 1 year workex



i have - 55.81%(varc 72%/lrdi 39%/qa 48%)

St category male engineer

X-73 %

XII- 73%

UG - 56 %

no work ex

should i expect call ?

Why isn't the admission policy out yet? Is IIMU taking cues from Rohtak for a plot twist?





9/6/7 ACAD




chances ??

What can be the expected cut offs for general category female for getting call from iim udaipur??

Hey guys Cat oa - 94.72 All sectionals cleared 10- 82.5 12-79.5 Grad -6.8 till now IIM udaipur chances??

I have received a CAP call for all 9 IIMs where the sectional cutoff for OBC is 50-50-50. So in further process does IIM Udaipur have other sectional cutoff or it will be same?

Does anyone know what is the expected composite score for iim udaipur final merit list....any guesses or experience from last year??

Hi Team,

I got IIM CAP call, the CAP shortlist email mentions 9 IIMs, IIM-U is also among them. So, does this mean that I will be considered for the next round (the PI-conducted under CAP) by all the 9 IIMs including IIM Udaipur. should we consider IIM CAP mail mentioning 9 IIMs as a PI shortlist by all 9 IIMs or IIM Udaipur will seperately send mail informing about the shortlist for PI?? Adcomm please clear the confusion.



Solely based on CAT percentile of 90.6, I am ineligible for CAP Process registration. It means I ain't eligible for any of the IIM in CAP right?

Please clear. Thanks


Hello sir/ma'am, I have secured 65.48/ 78.64 /73.46 over all 75.26 .I have SSC 87% 12 th 88.7% graduation 74% and I have 46 months experience after B.TECH. Shortlisted for IIM U. 1.Do I get in to IIMU if PI go well?

if i have received pi kit from iim udaipur doest it mean that i am selected for pi process?

What is the tentative date of personal interview of IIM cap rounds?

I have a query will IIM U do a SAP ?


Hi Guys,

CAT OA 85.18%ile

NC OBC VR/DILR/QA 64.25/84.25/89.31

10th-89% 12th- 82.7% Grad Engg 6.3 (63%)

Work Ex 49 months 

What are my chances of converting Udaipur and other New/baby IIMs? Thank you! 

Hey guys... CAT OA 94.72 10-82.5 12-79.6 BCOM - 6.8 till now, in final year General I've got all CAP calls.... What r my chances to convert them and any specific strategy i should apply for PI?.... Any suggestions are welcome..

Cat -91 10-90 12-86 Grad -73 Work ex - 20 month EWS My chances of conversion with decent pi ?

CAT 99.91

10th - 95%

12th - 97%

Grad - 85.4%

Work Ex - 30 months

NCOBC Engineer

my chances of conversion ?