[Official] (2020-2022) IIM Visakhapatnam Admission Queries and Discussion

Please list your admission related queries for IIMV 

Greetings from Student Media Cell of IIM Visakhapatnam. This group is for all aspirants seeking admission in IIMV for batch 2020-2022.

Post all your queries be it admission process student life, campus, faculties, etc. we will try to answer it as soon as possible.

This page is maintained solely by Student Media Cell of IIMV.  

Webiste- www.iimv.ac.in

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To get a hint about last year's admission process and queries, you can go through last years thread 


CAT OA 94.6% 10th- 93 12th -90 BTech-8.9 Work ex -23 months General Male Any chance of getting a call?

Cat 2020:OA -85.98 Varc/dilr/qa- 81/94.3/72.3 Acads:89/86/61 Nc-obc Male fresher engineer Any chances of getting call???

CAT 19 OA-93.77 VA-98.16 LR/DI-93.43 QA-70.66 X-10/10 XII-76% B.TECH-8.39/10 WorkEx- 20 Months Male-General Can i expect a call?

what is the sectional cut off for EWS Category?

please tell the total number of seats in iimv with distribution matrix?

Dear adcom& medial cell Please tell us about cut off criteria for ews Category ??

Cat 19 OA-94.81 Va-66,dilr-99,quant-95 Acads 10th/12tg/grad 95/90/63 Fresher.. NC obc Should I apply?

Hi, I cleared all cutt off then too I did not got mail what to do ?

97%tile ews with all sections 90+ not selected for phase (1). Please clarify this issue.

Will there be a list of shortlisted candidates be published in the website

OA 99.06 VA/DILR/QA 93/96.5/99.70 10/12/UG 90.2/93.80/6.15 UG from BITS Pilani Pilani Campus GEM with 48 months Work Experience. Chances for call and convert ?

How to convert 10 CGPA to marks? I can convert convert to percentage by multiplying with 10 but how to convert it to marks?

 Hi I got an SMS from IIMV saying that i have been shortlisted for phase1. 

But when i searched my mail, there was no mail from IIM V. My CAT id is 9054762. Can someone help me with resending of that mail. My percentile is 96.53(98.52/86.22/93.01)

@Media cell can you update results of ews ??

OBc Nc Non engineer male CAT overall - 78.93 Varc - 86.92 Di/lr - 67.69 Quant - 71.65 10th/12th/Grad -70/68/60 2 year Gap after grad Got call for admission process from iim rohtak/vishakhapatnam/kozhikode Is there any chance of converting iim vishakhapatnam (keeping +10points for academic diveristy in mind) or any other baby iim

Dear Aspirants, I am Tanvir, Senior Coordinator of Student Media Cell of IIM-Visakhapatnam. Me and my team will try to answer your queries for admissions process as soon as possible. Requesting your cooperation and patience. Thank you!

EWS Category. Anyone who received a call below 80 in any section?