[OFFICIAL] 2019-2022 KJ SOMAIYA-SIMSR Part Time MBA Admissions

This is the official thread for the PGDM Part Time MBA Programme(MMM/MFM/MIM/MHRDM) at K.J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research. It is a 3 year programme. The programme offers specialisations in Marketing, Finance, Information Mangement and HRD Mangement. The batch intake is of 60 seats for each specialisation.

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 “Pursue what catches your heart, not what catches your eyes.” – Roy T. Bennett.  

K J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research, or fondly called K J SIMSR, is one such campus that easily catches both your eyes and your heart. Amidst the hustle and bustle of Mumbai, is located an institution known for its state of the art education in management.

After having worked and lived in Delhi for over a year, I thought that I have experienced a very professional and high paced life which is needed for a course like PGDM. Little did I know that I was in for another level of spontaneity and creativity.

It all begun with the induction, a week long program having activities ranging from debates, introductions, role plays, art and craft workshop and what not. It was amusing that each of the activities brought out some or the other qualities of a potential manager, not to forget that these helped everybody to get accustomed with the environment. High point of induction remained the outbound programme that helped each student create a bond with one another.

Apart from the induction of classes students got acquainted to the campus spread over 60 acres having a mesmerizing view, Olympic size athlete track and sports arena. The Ganesh Idol sitting in front of the SIMSR building fills you up with positivity and enthusiasm. Well, yes, enthusiasm to attend evening group task discussions after a hectic day of classes and positivity to assure yourself that assignments will be completed in time.

A student driven campus, that SIMSR is, has lots of committees that work on different verticals related to all the events, competitions and activities taking place in the campus. And their interviews, well they are grilling, giving an insight to the upcoming placement season that everybody would face. In these committees, you learn, grow and work in tandem which are essentials for a corporate culture.

Amidst these Harvard cases in classes, presentations and committee work, “All Izz Well” comes as a blessing in disguise. A 3 day inter branch cultural competition, although quite intense but manages to impart the importance of team work in a very fun way.

This experience is really amazing and is like a roller coaster that seems scary at first, but is tempting and at the same time can yield a lucrative professional trajectory for an aspirant.

Lastly, enjoying the journey is necessary but set your goals and prioritize them. As my first ever marketing presentation in KJ SIMSR taught me:

“Start with the end in mind.”

Hoping to master my future at SIMSR with ringing bells !!

Arpit Lodha, PGDM CORE (2018 – 2020)


KJ SIMSR releases its application form  for Part Time MBA Program (MMM / MFM / MHRDM / MIM) for the session 2019-2022.

Apply for the same at: http://simsradmissions.somaiya.edu/simsr/adm19/Master19/onlineform/Login.aspx

To know more visit: https://simsr.somaiya.edu/en

The Master in Marketing Management (MMM)programme aims to equip the students with a holistic and all-round grooming as required to be successful in the field of marketing and its’ allied industries by providing them with state of the art facilities and latest in trend curriculum. To know more: https://simsr.somaiya.edu/en/programme/ST1710

The objective of MASTERS IN FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT (MFM) program is to prepare, enhance and expand the knowledge of the participants in the domestic as well as global financial practices which enables them to take effective financial and managerial decisions. To know more visit: https://simsr.somaiya.edu/en/programme/ST1705

The Master in Human Resource Development Management (MHRDM) programme aims to develop professionals with HR functional competencies to meet business challenges and enable them to act as partners in the organizational growth story. The objective of the programme is to impart state of art education in human resource function. The programme is a blend of general management courses in the first year to provide flavour of various disciplines followed by core human resource management and industrial relations course. To know more visit: https://simsr.somaiya.edu/en/programme/ST1706

The Master in Information Management (MIM) programme aims at providing professional specially IT and its allied areas to further their career in the industry. The program focuses on current and contemporary disruptions in technology by reviewing the syllabus periodically. Being professional, peer learning is paramount and the institute facilitates this by providing conducive learning and training environment. To know more visit: https://simsr.somaiya.edu/en/programme/ST1711

#REPOST "For experience and learning, an eternity is not enough." International Business Summit is being held in SIMSR today (8th December, 2018.) The theme is "Future of SAARC". The summit promises many knowledge building activities and one amongst them is keynote address. The summit also features the panel discussion between prominent between prominent industry personalities and students competition - VISTAAR.


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