[OFFICIAL] 2019-2021 KJ SOMAIYA-SIMSR PGDM HCM (Health Care Management) Admissions

This is the official thread for the PGDM HCM(Health Care Management) Programme at K.J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research. It is a two year full-time, AICTE approved, residential programme which started in 2018. A graduation degree(minimum 3 years) in any discipline is required. The batch intake is of 30 seats. It is open to students from India and abroad including NRIs.

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Article by a HCM student : 

Hi, I am Shreya Shah, Student of HCM, 2018-20, the First batch in Healthcare specialization at KJ SIMSR. 

Everything has its first time and this was our time. After persuading the Biomedical engineering from L.D. College of engineering in Ahmedabad I decided to go for specialization in Healthcare management field. Hence I decided to join the reputed B-School. The idea of coming to the financial capital of India and join B-school was quite thrilling and thought that I would spend my 2 years with the most aspiration and talented bunch of people from all over the country. 

I was excited about what I really wanted to do, about opportunities, learnings and of course placements. It is said that: "success is not about what you get but it is about what you make what you get" and that attitude to peruse it. What I receive from the SIMSR is that attitude and that opportunities to complete my dream. 

Being a fresh graduate initially it was kind of difficult to interact with the students of different ages, but soon we have an Icebreaking event - outbound (Do not Miss) and one another 3-day event named as ‘All is well'. This event would be the most memorable for any SIMSRite, and especially for our batch. Being the first batch of HCM we found all the "immense support from all of our seniors as well as our colleagues". In this competition, every class has to compete with every class in terms of creativity, promotions and stage performances with managing the classes all the time. For the first time, a student comes together with different names and other innovative ideas to showcase their class and win the final title. One memorable event in this event was my Dance performance on "Gujarati tradition (Ras-Garba)", and this was when the entire batch of students of PGDM recognize my talent and help me also to bond with people in different streams.

Having around "28 student-driven committees in our college is the most happening/thrilling thing" with the various events, conferences, fest, and celebration. The kind of exposure student gets in these kinds of activities is unparallel to any class of learning. All these committees are no less than "small corporate world", they include hiring, performing, evaluating and analysing. 

Being the student of the first batch it was kind of difficult to us. Being at SIMSR that something to develop me, myself. What we have is the amazing platform, an opportunity to develop and attitude to make the most out of it in the next 2 years. It helped to develop me, my skill set, and also frame in well define an opinion that what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go, and how I wanted to achieve it?

"Recognise the Opportunity what we get"!!! Being a student of healthcare management, everyone was worried about the opportunity what and where it would be getting, I got an opportunity to work with a live project at "KJ Somaiya of hospital and research centre" in the very 1st month of Curriculum started. Other than that we find various immersion programs with international Universities, also we got many different kinds of the live project in every single field.

In the end, all I would like to say is: Life is a journey, not a destination, also sometimes this life, this journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.

- Shreya Shah (PGDM-HCM 2018-2020)

hello everyone

can someone tell me whether kjsom will accept GMAT 2015 scores for it's PGDM programme 2019 or not??

i am an Indian resident student and gave my gmat 2 years back? can I apply with that score and what is the cutoff for the same?

Generally,what are the cutoff of CAT/CMAT for the course of health management?



KJ SIMSR releases its application form  for PGDM /IB/RM/FS/COMM/HCM for the session 2019-2021.

Apply for the same at: https://simsr.somaiya.edu/simsr/simsr/Admission/FT_PGDM

Last date to apply is 10th Jan 2019

To know more visit: https://simsr.somaiya.edu/simsr

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It's time to raise the curtain and liberate yet another generation of future leaders.

KJ SIMSR releases its Brochure for the PGDM 2019-2021 batch.

View Brochure at: https://bit.ly/2CpIpfP


SIMSR is not just about education but also about building a young and vibrant community. This spirit of the Student Culture was visible at the fun filled Dandiya Night organized by Students Activity Forum at SIMSR on the occasion of Navratri. It was a successful event which showed the student culture at SIMSR.

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Admissions Open:https://simsr.somaiya.edu/en

Apply Now:https://simsradmissions.somaiya.edu/simsr/adm19/pgdm19/onlineform/login.aspx

Booming scope of Healthcare Management in India   



Team Ankur- An Experiential Learning Initiative celebrated Diwali with Vidya Mandir children in a very unique way. Story books and Diwali gifts were distributed to the children. Fun-filled games were also played where the focus was to make the session interactive and informative.
Mr. Biju of Genesis talked about the career options in catering for these children.The program was immensely enjoyed by children.

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SIMSR Power Profile #1 - Anmol Gupta

They say "Well begun is half done". And who better than the man responsible for the design of the "Power Profiles" initiative. A creative genius, cricketer and much more.

Anmol Gupta (aka Prince Gupta) - Marketing - 1st Year


The countdown to CAT has begun. It is now time to relax and revise what you have learnt so far.

Simsr brings to you a daily dose of concepts and questions.

                                                   VA #1  

 I felt the wall of the tunnel shiver. The master alarm squealed through my earphones. Almost simultaneously, Jack yelled down to me that there was a warning light on. Fleeting but spectacular sights snapped into ans out of view, the snow, the shower of debris, the moon, looming close and big, the dazzling sunshine for once unfiltered by layers of air. The last twelve hours before re-entry were particular bone-chilling. During this period, I had to go up in to command module. Even after the fiery re-entry splashing down in 81o water in south pacific, we could still see our frosty breath inside the command module. 

 1. The word 'Command Module' used twice in the given passage indicates perhaps that it deals with

A.an alarming journey

B.a commanding situation

C.a journey into outer space

D.a frightful battle. 


The countdown to CAT has begun. It is now time to relax and revise what you have learnt so far.

Simsr brings to you a daily dose of concepts and questions.

                                                       QA #1

A, B and C won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals respectively in a 10 Km race, running at a uniform speed. If A beat B by 1 Km and B beat C by 1 Km, then by how many metres does A beat C?

A) 2000 m

B) 2400 m

C) 1900 m

D) None


A State Level Gold Medalist, Recipient of POSCO Asia Fellowship for scholastic achievement, an Explorer and watch out for her Table Tennis Smash!! Presenting 1st Girl Power of this series

Noopur Walve - Marketing - 1st Year



The countdown to CAT has begun. It is now time to relax and revise what you have learnt so far.

Simsr brings to you a daily dose of concepts and questions.


1. What is the average amount of interest per year which the company had to pay during this period?

A.Rs. 32.43 lakhs

B.Rs. 33.72 lakhs

C.Rs. 34.18 lakhs

D.Rs. 36.66 lakhs 

 The countdown to CAT has begun. It is now time to relax and revise what you have learnt so far.  

Simsr brings to you a daily dose of concepts and questions.                          



Arrange sentences A, B, C and D between sentences 1 and 6 to form a logical sequence of six sentences. 

1. Buddhism is a way to salvation. 

A. But Buddhism is more severely analytical. 

B. In the Christian tradition there is also a concern for the fate of human society conceived as a whole, rather than merely as a sum or network of individuals. 

C. Salvation is a property, or achievement of individuals. 

D. Not only does it dissolve society into individuals, the individual in turn is dissolved into component parts and instants, a stream of events.

6. In modern terminology, Buddhist doctrine is reductionist. 


The countdown to CAT has begun. It is now time to relax and revise what you have learnt so far.   

SIMSR brings to you a daily dose of concepts and questions.           

                                                    QA #2

The number of girls appearing for an admission test is twice the number of boys. If 30% of the girls and 45% of the boys get admission, the percentage of candidates who do not get admission is:

a) 35
b) 50
c) 60
d) 65

 The countdown to CAT has begun. It is now time to relax and revise what you have learnt so far. 

SIMSR brings to you a daily dose of concepts and questions.                                                      

                                            LR #2
Five friends, Amol, Mandar, Piyu, Shashi and Reena attended Sagar’s birthday party, where they partook of the sumptuous snacks and dinner. Each of the five friends gifted Sagar a different article – a fountain pen, a cell phone, a shirt, a jacket and an I-Pod – and Sagar, in return, gifted each of them a different article – a video game, a sweater, a perfume, a calculator and a pair of sunglasses. The following is additional information about the gifts given by the friends and the gifts received from Sagar.

  • Amol gifted the shirt and received the video game in return.
  • Shashi did not gift the I-Pod but received the perfume in return.
  • Mandar did not gift an electronic item and received the calculator in return.
  • The person who gifted the jacket received the sweater in return and Reena received the pair of sunglasses. 

1. Which of the following is false?

1) Only one friend whose name does not start with a vowel, received an electronic item in return 

2) The friend whose name appears last in alphabetical order, gifted an electronic item and received a non electronic item in return          

 3) In alphabetical order, the friend who gifted the I-Pod appears before at least two other friends 

4) The friend whose name in alphabetical order appears in the middle neither gifted nor received an electronic item

Admissions Open: https://simsr.somaiya.edu/en/admissions/PGDMSIMSR Brochure: https://s3.ap-south-1.amazonaws.com/simsr/PGDM_Admission_Brochure_2019.pdf 

CAT, the most prestigious MBA entrance examination of the season is finally here. These three hours will pave the path of your MBA journey for this season. Be rest assured that success will definitely touch your feet if you have the perseverance for MBA. So be confident, eat well and relax yourselves. As they say " Do your best, forget the rest". KJ SIMSR wishes you luck for your exam and for all your future endeavors.


SIMSR Power Profile #3 - Radhika Goyal

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Radhika Goyal - International Business - 1st Year