[OFFICIAL] 2018-20 IIM Lucknow PGPSM Admission Queries and Discussions

PGPSM is the first and the only sustainability focused MBA programme offered by any of the IIMs in India and is one of the handful of such programmes offered in South Asia

I got a call from agricultural management only. . How good is that??

I got a call from  IIML for Post Graduate Programme in Sustainability Management (SM). How is the program? Any stats? It says shortlisted for WAT-PI. Means only essay writing & Personal interview? 

I have recieved a call from IIML foe PGP SM and i guess it is for Noida Campus. Just wanted to know how good have the program been for the first two batches and most importantly how good has been the placements?

I have recived call from IIM L PGP SM. I've got CAT 97.5 and my acads are 10/12/Btech  69/69/65 and work ex is 69 monts. Can you please tell me if i have a chance for conversion and do i need to attach my first salary slip as i only have last salary slip and experience letter from my organization. Thanks

While filling the wat pi form, I am facing error in server. Faced this 5 times now, anybody else having the same problem?

The query is regarding the personal data form which comes once you have filled and uploaded all the necessary details. It contains a set of questions like why you want to join this program. Do we have to fill that part now or that is for next stage ?

There are 2 fields to capture work ex. 1. Work Exp(Total Completed Months) 2. Work Exp(TCS).  Till which month should field1 should be counted. & whats the meaning of Field2

Are we required to enter 1st & last month pay slip?

I have recieved call from IIML ABM.  I submitted the form but didn't get any acknowledgement. Onl the last dialogue box appeared asking whether i want to submit the details or not. After that the page returned to the login page and there was no acknowledgement of the form being submitted. When i logged in again it showed a blank form. Any one else facing the same problem? Is it a technical glitch? Should I fill my form again?

Deadline has been extended, is it just me or everyone has recieved similar text ?

Is the deadline really extended ?

Looking to find out IIM Lucknow tentative interview dates in Hyderabad.

Can anyone help?


I got a call from IIM Lucknow for PGPSM. I wanted to know the placement statistics for the passed out batch and the summer internship statistics. 


 what documents will be required to be submitted, if i have work ex of my family business ? 


My IIML PGPSM interview is scheduled on 6-Mar. Actually my brother's marriage is also on the same day. Could someone please suggest what I have to do. Is there any way to reschedule the interview? 

An early response is commendable.

Thanks in advance.

certain details in my personal form of iim lucknow is blank(sslc year, address). Can i write those details on personal form?or shouldn't i bother.

When are the interview dates for Iim lucknow?


My interview date is clashing with another interview.

Can I get my interview rescheduled ?

Anyone done with their interviews share your experiences and Wat topics

By what time does the Wat pi process end for the afternoon slot