[Official][2017-2019] IMT PGPM & PGDM-Executive Admission Notification & Related Discussion

 Provide support on the queries related to IMT Ghaziabad's PGPM and PGDM-Ex

 How are the PGDM-FT and PGDM- Marketing/Finance different in case of both the course and the placements?  


Hi Team,

Thanks for offering me admission in your esteemed institute. I have been shortlisted for selection into PGDM-DCP and been assigned a provisional wait list of 147 for the PGDM 2-year course. I was going through the refund policy and have a couple of doubts in my mind.

1. If I apply for refund, having converted PGDM 2 year due to waitlist movement in the near future, will I be refunded the necessary deposit with  an exception of (a) INR 1000 or (b) AED 100 ? If the do convert the wait list, as I have now been confirmed for both the courses, what amount of money will be deducted from my initial deposit.

2. Secondly regarding the PGDM-FT and PGDM Marketing course, what would be the difference in course structure and eventual scope of opportunity if I opt for a marketing major after PGDM-FT first year compared to opting for the PGDM-Marketting course?

Looking forward to a quick response. Thanks In Advance,

Are pgpm candidates allowed to sit for placements???

Hi team,

I have received the call letter from IMT Hyderabad.

But I need Nagpur while filling the form I have by mistakenly filled Hyderabad as my 2nd preference after Ghaziabad. 

I need to change it to Nagpur. I have dropped the mail and called many times but have not got any response.

Please suggest.

thanking you in advance

my acads and CAT is also very good.CT-GE-PI round was also excellent.But still haven't got any mail from IMT.Does this mean I am rejected???!

I have converted to PGDM Marketing which was my second preference. Is it possible to convert to PGDM Finance (my third preference)?

I have been selected for PGDM(finance) but want to opt for my second preference PGDM(Marketing). Can it be done? 

Guys does anyone have an idea about placements for PGDM-Executive?

Hi Team, I m selected for IMT Ghaziyabad, PGDM(DCP) (fourth prference). I haven't recieved any mail. just checked my results on portal. Any chances of getting Finanace, which is my second preference.

i got sselected in pgdm  marketing. can the admi please tell me if we will need the presence / sign of our parents or any original diocuments during the admission process

Hi Team,

I converted my first preference PGDM(marketing). I have a work ex of 16 months as of now. I wanted to know whether i will be facing any difficulty in summers or final placements?

please elaborate on the refund policy

Hi. Is the PGDM (executive) course considered equivalent to MBA by AICTE (as the 2 year PGDM is)?

in other words, Can we use this certification to apply for doctrate and in general consider it an equivalent to post grad degree. .

thanks in advance. 


would someone from adcom, let me know the following:


1. Does the word "Executive" appear in the PGDM degree, that is awarded. I ask this, as it is synonymous with part time program meant for working professionals. 

2. I am an NIT Allahabad alumnus with more than 12 years of corporate experience. How far would this course add value, in terms of career progression and placement.  


guys, did anyone get interviewed on 17th, Sat for the PGDM Exec course? or got any communication from the admissions team after that?