[Official] 2017-19 IIM Kozhikode Stage-1 Shortlist

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Greetings from the Public Relations Cell of IIM Kozhikode!

IIM Kozhikode has declared the Stage-1 shortlist. Congratulations to all the shortlisted candidates!

Kindly register online for stage II (WAT/PI) shortlist. You can direct all your further queries about the process to this thread. 

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 @IIM-Kozhikode: For calculating the total work experience, should we round it to the nearest integer or do we have to consider only the completed months?

Also should the to (date) column for the current employment be left blank or should it be specified as 31 Jan, 2017?

How to calculate the year wise percentage for Bachelor Degree?

Guys got a shortlist call. Will I be called for GDPI? X-96.8 xii-87.2 B.tech-75.2 OA- 94.99 VARC-97 DILR-90 QUANT-85 Work Ex- 2years + 7 months + 1.75 years as an entrepreneur, banking, design consultant

We need to fill only the basic personal detail form that includes percentage and workex details?

There is no profile form or HR questions based form that is to be filled, rite?

I have 5 months and 15 days experience as on 31-01-2017.What should i fill 5 or 6?

By which date we can expect the shortlist for GD/PI/WAT to be declared.

 I have applied to CAT 2016 as a general candidate due to some misconception( though being a NCOBC candidate). Now i have a call from IIM Kozikhode as a general candidate. I see that the category filed is freezed in the stage 1 form. Is there any way i can change it? Kindly reply. @IIM-Kozhikode   

Cat OA 94.94 percentile, VA 85 , DI 91 , QA 97.5 . 10th 79.80 , 12th 78 , btech 75. Experience: 13 months .Gen girl . What r my chances?

Hello guys!! 

What to write in Year of Examination in case of semester system, coz exams occur in different years for 2 semesters. (equivalent to a year).

Plz help.

1.May I know why the discipline has been entered as April for my XII marks ? Is Science a relevant answer ? Or should it be more specific ?

2. What should one ente for Divisoin or Class?

3. Bachelor Degree One Discipline: Psychology ( Should I state Science here instead and state Psychology as the Subject of Bachelor One Subject ?)

4. I have semester based scores. Is it alright if I state the average of two semesters as the year based scores ? 

Does a two month unpaid internship count as work experience? The internship was not a part of my graduation.

I have read reply on all threads that we need to write cumulative percentage if we have semester wise percentage. In my college the percentage of semester was calculated by taking the marks and credits of the subjects. Percentage is not calculated by the average calculating method. When you say cumulative, does it mean we should take average of all the subjects in both the semesters and get the overall percentage? If there is any alumni from Delhi technological university (Delhi college of engineering) maybe then can help clarify how they have filled last year if the form was same.

I calculated the year wise GPA using the weighted average of the 2 semesters (for that year) with the weights being the credits. Now can I convert these GPAs into % (using the university formula) and enter these %s for every year? 

Also, I have done 5yr Integrated MSc from IIT Roorkee. The college doesn't split it into 3+2 years. It's a single degree of 5 years. So can I enter the marks for all 5 years in bachelors and leave the post graduate section blank? Thanks in advance.

Wats d index score required for NC-OBC to get shortlisted in iim k for gd/wat and PI?Wats d index score required for NC-OBC to get shortlisted in iim k for gd/wat and PI?Wats d index score required for NC-OBC to get shortlisted in iim k for gd/wat and PI?I

Hello...I wanted to ask about my 10th scores. In my CAT Form i mentioned the one given on my marksheet (513 or 93.27%) but it required me to consider all subjects which comes to 91.6% (595) so what should i do now as it is not allowing me to edit my marks

@IIM-Kozhikode Will there be GD also in stage 2 or only WAT/PI? 

Both my 10th and 12th scores are of CBSE board. I am unable to find the official Division/Class ranking. 

X - CGPA 10- 95%

XII- 89 %

Can anybody tell me the division for the above marks according to CBSE ? If I don't get the official division, can I leave that option blank ?

Hi, i have a work experience of 19 months and 16 days till jan 31 2017.  Should i write it as 19 or 20? considering that 19 and 20 have different scores?