[Official] 2017-19 IIM Kozhikode GD-WAT-PI Call Getters Discussion

The official group for addressing queries related to WAT/PI process of IIM Kozhikode for the year 2017-2019

Hello All !!On the Behalf of entire IIM Kozhikode community we at Public Relations Cell Congratulate all the converts for making it to IIMK Please find the Official Converts group link below :https://www.facebook.com/groups/341477032913487/
1.) From here on, all the queries related to joining and onboarding shall be addressed in this group only.2.)Please note that request for joining this group must be accompained with a personal message to admins with NAME, CAT Sr No, and the RESULT SCREENSHOT.Without these your request would not be approved.
For further queries :Website : www.iimk.ac.inFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/IIMKKozhikode/Twitter: https://www/twitter/iimkozhikode

Hi All.... in the instructions regarding required documents below two are mentioned :

To be produced in original :

1.C  Documents to prove your work experience - experience certificate from the employer/pay slips of all months 

Photocopy to be submitted : 

Work Experience certificate or first and last pay slips with date of joining

Should really all the months payslips be checked ! in my payslip, joining date and payslip month date reflect - so will the first and last be sufficient ?

Thanq in advance

It is mentioned in the call letter that candidate has to bring both Part A and Part B of Personal Data form during the time of Interview. But Part A of Personal Data form is no longer available on the website. Where to access Part A in case the candidate has not taken a snapshot of the form earlier?

  Greetings from the Public Relations Cell of IIM Kozhikode! IIM Kozhikode has declared the GD/WAT/PI shortlist. Congratulations to all the shortlisted candidates!
You can direct all your further queries about the process to this thread.   

*We will shortly be launching our mentorship program for GD/WAT/PI process. Stay updated.* 

Kindly check your shortlist and venue for the process on the below link : 


Details of academic programs at IIM Kozhikode: 

PGP: http://www.iimk.ac.in/academics/pgp/pgp.php 

FPM: http://www.iimk.ac.in/academics/fpm/fpm.php 

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Blog: http://blog.iimklive.com/ 

We wish you all the best for your forthcoming admission process

I have made a small mistake in the form A is it possible now edit it out? I have entered the name of company wrong. 

Apart from a description of your work ex...is there any other "essay type" detail required to be filled..in the subsequent pages after clicking "save and next"..??

I am currenlty in my B.Tech final year. Do I need to fill up the professional qualification or describe briefly your most recent job responsibilities?

Should I leave it blank or write N/A

Hi All,

Can Anybody please help with the below doubt:
I had a query regarding my form filling, in FORM A in my monthly Gross Remuneration I have filled the salary as : My total Salary/12 ie if my CTC is 12Lakhs, I have mentioned 1Lac as the Gross Monthly Remuneration. However, I just found out that the Gross Monthly Remuneration is Total CTC- PF. What Should I do about this. I have my Pay slips and the Total CTC Letter as well. Will it cause any issue? Shall I put an official Mail for this? 



I am unable to access the form from the IIM-K homepage. Anyone else facing a similar issue?

Hi All !! 

PR cell, IIM Kozhikode is launching the Mentorship programme for 2017-19 GD/WAT/PI process. Please Join the below facebook group to be a part of the same



1. Please send a screenshot of your GD/WAT/PI shortlist call letter as a message to one of the admins. No requests without the screenshot will be entertained.

2. Send request to join the group.

3. Follow the instructions posted in the fb group to join the mentorship programme.

4. Deadline for filling the mentorship application form is 31st Jan, 2017 11:59:59 pm. No requests post the deadline will be entertained.


Hi OA 92.97 VA 68.19 DI/LR 96.55 QA 96.29 Category SC 10 th-73.6  12th- 85.2 BE-60.09 any chances?

Hi all, What to do if I am unable to get my new NC obc certificate till 9th which is the deadline? Will they accept if I give certificate at the time of interview? Thanks in advance!

In the form B we have to give names of people to give references. Do the people who refer us, get an email or call?

 Is there any more form to fill up after personal data form (part b)? Anyone finished with the form filling? Do we need caste certificates before 9th feb ? 

 I am currenlty in my B.Tech final year. Do I need to fill up the professional qualification or describe briefly your most recent job responsibilities, Describe briefly the most situation in which you have demonstrated leadership skills during your professional career, Describe briefly the most important situation in which you have demonstrated your ability to work in teams during your professional career ?

should i leave it blank?? @IIM-Kozhikode

Hi Team, is there any chance that my 1st stage form was not submitted or something??? I have a cal from lucknow. Can I have the IIM K admission committee mail ID please

 do i have to prepare all of my technical subjects for the interview.... i am final year information technology student! 

pls help my interview is scheduled on 10 feb!!

Currently I am on sabbatical leave and does not have work experience certificate except last month salary slip and letter of sabbatical leave. Also unable to download the 1st month salary slip. Will it be fine to show Job Offer Letter + Last Month Salary Slip+ Sabbatical Leave Application to validate Work Experience. Please Help !.

In the form-b, I can only see questions like other professional qualifications, recent job responsibilities, leadership and team skills. Is this all or are there more questions? Can I edit this after I do save and continue??

I am a Final Year B.Tech student. The format that is given for students currently persuing degree has to be printed on College letter head or just on an A4 sheet and duly attested by the undersigned?